Your employees test positive for Covid-19. What do you do?

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It is possible managers will have an employee tell you they have tested positive for Covid-19. Not only time, appeal to the sensitivity and humanity, but it also need to act quickly, as the Manager. First, the expression of sympathy. Requires the employee to other employees, they have been in close contact. Connect with your HR partner for guidance, and notify those in close contact through phone or video if possible. While your employees might have a problem, don’t guess. Encourage them to talk to their doctor. Respect the confidentiality of the employee tested positive, as well as close contacts. And to encourage senior leaders to check any of the affected employees—this is a gesture that will be universally appreciated.

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All the leaders are trying to find their foundations on now. You may support your business plan, take your team and play around with your own constellation of remote work arrangements—may you together with the spouse and children. Most importantly, you will face a test you could think of a couple of weeks ago: when one of your employees tells you they have tested positive for Covid-19. If you haven’t handled already, you almost certainly will.

This is a particularly complex challenge. Not only time, appeal to the sensitivity and humanity, but it also need to act quickly, as the Manager. As an Executive coach, I have trained many of the senior leaders in the high-risk theme, so, both need decisive action and emotional intelligence. Here is my suggestion how to handle this case, if your employee currently working at home or continue to enter the workplace:

First, when an employee brings you news, Sympathy. Even if the person’s symptoms are mild, they may worry about what will happen or whether they are likely to spread the virus to their family or colleagues. Let employees share their feelings. Because you talk with them, clear communication, they can rely on you and your team to support. You can say, for example:”I know that this is a terrible thing to deal with. I’m here for you if you need to talk, and of course I understand that you may not be able to work for a little while or your productivity may decline. Don’t worry,I understand your process.”

Next, talk to your human resources partner. You need Act quickly To minimize the risk of the spread of disease. At this point, most of the human resources Department should have some Protocol in place, you will want to take advantage of their support and guidance.

At the very least, you need to Ask their employees, colleagues, they had been in”close contact” In the previous two weeks. (The CDC defines”close contact”as”a person, already in the six feet of the infected employee for an extended period of time.”) If everyone in your company has been working from home in the past two weeks, this may not be possible, but you should still ask if the infected person has had contact with any colleagues. You should remind those who have been in close contact with the employee as soon as possible repeated observations of disease prevention and Control Center website, for their case, of course, until their own doctor. The law is clear about confidentiality: you should tell everyone who is possible, exposed to the work of the active employee did not reveal the employee’s identity.

Then, decide whether or HR partner should work with any close contact with the employees. Since this is a sensitive topic It is ideal to warn colleagues via video or telephone. But time is the issue here—if you can’t reach them personally, they e-mail with the”important action needed”in the subject title.

Either way, Your message is the same“Someone in our workplace tested positive for Covid-19, and they have identified you as a close contact, according to the Center for Disease Control definition. We are here to support you. If you’re at work, please be ready to leave as soon as you can. Once you get home—or if you already work from there—find a place of self-isolation, monitor their symptoms, and talk to your doctor. How can I support you in doing all of this?”

You can count on the people in close contact with the panel tight Ask a lot of questions, especially if this is the first time they received such a message. Because a few days passed between their exposure in Covid-positive colleague, they might ask you if their family is dangerous. Do not guess. You are not a doctor, but referred to their own doctor and the CDC website. What you Can To do is to assure them that the company you will support.

According to this dialogue, by e-mail. It is possible the person you speak of feeling overwhelmed and not catch everything you said. A written follow-up is always good practice, if only to help keep track of this process within the company.

Once you have two employees tested positive and the close contact, consider alert other people in the workplace. Messages sent here will show how your company treats people, therefore, it is important to be transparent and calm.

Your communication, which may vary. If the company is a startup with hundreds of employees, it may be appropriate to communicate the news, everyone in the plenary. If your company is much larger than, which is the most important communication to the affected Department or division. Respect the confidentiality of the positive test of the employee and any person close to the Contact Group. Then just give them the facts:”the man test, is a specific date and is now self-isolated. The close contact has been informed and is asked to leave the workplace and self-isolation. If you do not have to tell you a close contact, then you are not one. If you have questions Covid-19 or in your case, please call your doctor to see the disease prevention and Control Center website. The company is here to support everyone during this difficult time, we all send our best wishes to the people affected.”

Finally, It helps one of the senior leaders, including the CEO, check the employees affected by the coronavirus. In the past week, the CEO of my coaches called each of the employees tested positive and the close contact, even if they showed no symptoms-just want to check, the gesture, which they generally appreciated. If Case, The your company beginning to increase substantially, it would be unrealistic of the chief Executive officer to call upon all these people. However, senior leaders can and should step in to make as many calls as possible so that the employees affected felt care in a difficult time.

These are not easy times for anyone, it is a critical job of leaders once again to their employees and keep their spirits. Employees report a positive Covid-19 the test requires a sensitive and fast reaction. This will help everyone working for you feel safer and more able to focus on the important work in your company right now.

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