World Press Photo 2020: Image from Sudan uprising wins

The winning photos taken by Yasuyoshi ChibaThe copyright of the image
Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP

A video from last year’s popular uprising in Sudan has won the prestigious World Press Photo Award.

The photo, titled”Direct Sound”, by Agence France-Presse photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba.

It shows one of the demonstrators to recite protest poetry, although a large group of guys protest illuminate him with light from their cell phones.

The judge said Chiba of the”poetry”of the photos show the power of youth and technology.

The long-term ruler, President Omar al-Bashir is overthrown, the last month, leading to a violent struggle between the military and Pro-democracy movement.

Discussion of the image, Chiba said:”this moment is the only peace group to protest I encountered through my stay. I think they do not defeat the unity of like burning ashes still broke out.”

The jury President Lekgetho Makola said that, despite being taken when the moment of conflict, photo”inspire people”.

“We saw this young man, who is not the shooter, who is not throwing a stone, but to memorize a poem,”he said. “It’s recognition, but also to Express a hope.”

Five other photos of the nominated finalists of the competition.

Relative mourning Flight 302 crash victims, by Mulugeta Ayene

Relative mourning Flight 302 crash victimThe copyright of the image
Mulugeta Ayene/Yonhap news Agency

On 10 January 2019 Ethiopian Airlines ET302 crashed after closing, from Addis Ababa, killing 157 people.

This is the second collision involving a Boeing 737 MAX airliner in a short span of five months. Soon after, Boeing grounded all of its 737 MAX aircraft, and ultimately a moratorium on the production of the aircraft.

In this image, Mulugeta Ayene photographed a relative of the victims throwing dirt in her face at the scene of the accident just a few days after the crash.


Clash with police in anti-government demonstrations, by Farouk*Batiche

Clash with police in anti-government demonstrationsThe copyright of the image
Farouk*Batiche/Deutsche Presse Agentur

Algeria involvement in the protests that from February of last year-the uprising of the principal leaders of the country’s younger generation, which led to the expulsion of long-time leader, Abdul-Aziz Bouteflika in April.

Bouteflika Mr. is a 81-year-old Algerian struggle for independence, but he was in very poor health and has not been seen in public for a long time.

When he resigned he handed power to the military-supported caretaker government, but protesters continue to call for the return to civilian democracy, and the departure of the Old Guard officials with Bouteflika management.


Awakening, Tomek Kaczor

AwakeningThe copyright of the image
Tomek Kaczor/election message

The appearance of a blank space

In this photo by Tomek Kaczor, a 15-year-old Armenian girl named Ewa just woke up from a state of tension brought about a condition known as Resignation Syndrome(RS). She was photographed in a refugee reception center in Podkowa Lesna, Poland, last June.

RS leaves the patient Immobile, mute, unable to eat and unable to respond to physical stimulation. It affects to the trauma of children caught in the lengthy asylum procedures, but common in Roma, and Yazidi children in particular.

Ewa development of RS at the same time her family is applying for asylum in Sweden. Their application was rejected, they were deported to Poland. Eight months later, Ewa recovery.


Wounded Kurdish fighter to the hospital to visit, by Ivor rooted

Wounded Kurdish fighter received a hospital visitThe copyright of the image
Ivor Prickett/the New York Times

Ahmed Ibrahim, an 18-year-old fighter with Syria’s Democratic Forces(SDF), photographed in the hospital in Al-Hasakah on 20 December last year. He had been badly burned in the conflict with the Turkish troops.

His girlfriend was reluctant at first to enter the room because she was frightened of his injuries. But after some encouragement from a nurse, she held in Ahmed on the one hand, have a short conversation with him.


Nothing personal-the back office to the war, by Nikita Teryoshin

Nothing personal-the back office of warThe copyright of the image
Nikita Teryoshin

A day later, at the International Defence Exhibition Conference(international order book)in Abu Dhabi in February last year, Nikita Teryoshin shooting the businessman locked away a pair of anti-tank grenade launcher.

The tensile stress index is one of the biggest arms trade fairs, the world’s largest defense exhibition and conference in the Middle East.

Copyright of the image

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