‘Wonder Woman 1984’ release delayed due to coronavirus


Even super heroes get on Board with social alienation.

Warner Bros. announced today that the Wonder Woman, 1984 Will be pushed back due to the coronavirus, from June 5 on. 14.

The Studio also has its calendar At the height of (Original release date: June 26), Scooby-Doo, (The original date of posting: 15), the Malignant (Original release date: Aug. 14). No new date has been determined of those titles.

Say Warner Bros Pictures Group President Toby Emmerich said in a statement(via More), “When we start shooting the’Wonder Woman 1984, it is every intention is to see on the big screen, and am pleased to announce that Warner Brothers photos will bring the theater. 14.”

Director Patty Jenkins confirmed the news in a tweet:

Wonder Woman, 1984 Recently a few titles have their dramatic opening delay or pull the result of the epidemic. At the same time, other films have their VOD release date push-including Warner Bros.’Other 2020 DC movies, Birds of prey.

At the height of Production of Lin Manuel Miranda also said in a statement:

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