Wishful thinking: George R. R. Martin has provided a new wind of Estimate of the winter

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Zoom / The artist’s interpretation of today’s wishful thinking.

Everyone is looking for a pandemic of the baseline you wish, you can to the author and producer George R. R. Martin’s blog, where the Creator of A song of ice and fire Book series provides new hope that their next installment. Progress continues The winds of winterMartin insisted last Tuesday that he has dared to provide a hopeful estimate of value(though, obviously, not the release date).

“Forced isolation to help me write,”Martin wrote in his ridiculously named”not a blog.” He confirmed that a series of progress in the past week, added five chapters The wind in the winterAnd he mentioned”long time every day”and”make steady progress”to put the book together.

Martin then referred to the cancellation of the New Zealand fan Convention of the year, in which he acknowledged that, in some ways, a perfect development.

“The last thing I need now is a long-term interruption, it can take me all the momentum I’ve built up,”he said. “I can always visit to Wellington the following year(2021), when I want, the two Covid-19 and The winds of winter Will be done.”

“Drop back to Braavos”

This estimate, of course, since the author has left SoI&F Good waiting for since 2011, a follow-up, Dance with the Dragon. Martin previously told fans that he will get the unfinished book is completed before the HBO progress with the sixth season of the Game Of Thrones. In 2015, he told The Weekly Entertainment what steps he will take to make this assertion a reality:

I maybe overly optimistic about how quickly I can finish. But I canceled two conventions appear, I closed a lot of interviews—what can I do to clear my deck and get this work.

This means that Martin’s guarantee to skip a Convention in order to”momentum”could become empty the remaining loyal fans of the book series. These assurances may also be empty of anyone left indifferent to the ending of the HBO series based on A song of ice and fire. And announced and to remind us that Martin still has a long way to go:”this does not mean that the book will be completed tomorrow or next week.”

Martin is the Tuesday after reminding the fans of the other Board, he is currently rotated. He referred to the progress of the team responsible for HBO’s upcoming prequel of the series The House of the DragonAnd then rattles a wide variety of production, he is trying to get the size of the screen: a TV series based on Nnedi Okorafor the new(which HBO select in 2017), and the movie is based on his own story and a”restart”of Wild card TV project(which was previously linked to the hoist before to be quiet).

Interestingly, Martin-a very large list of the age of the item does not Not Including one of said Captain Universe TV series, which HBO optioned all the way back in 2015. He concluded his item by adding,”there are secret shorts, we’re doing…well, no, if my tips is, this is not a secret.”

If you think all of this sounds busy enough, you can click on the post in Martin’s blog for updates on his New Mexico bookstore, his annual donation to a promising science fiction writers, his early call for justice(which come in the form of Frederick Douglass quotes).

Do Tuesday after, fans would be forgiven as the focus of Tuesday’s The wind in the winter-Specific commentary, including the story about the other focus is:”of late I have access to with Cersei, Asha,Tyrion, Ser Barristan, the Leo Hotah. I will put back in Braavos next week.”

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