What’s The Sexiest Nintendo Console Ever? – Feature

Throughout its many years of operation as a producer of video games and platform holder, Nintendo has created some of the most desirable objects in the history of video games. The company is renowned for making digital novelties to delight players of all ages, but it’s also capable of building staggeringly beautiful hardware when its talented engineering and design teams put their minds to it.

Not every single one is an evergreen beauty, of course — it might take a new iteration on the original design, or a particularly fetching colour variant to really get the pulse racing — but Team Nintendo Life has been casting a wistful eye over our collective console pool (and spying a few others’ collections across the interwebs) and has produced the following shortlist of the loveliest-looking Nintendo hardware for your consideration.

We’re not factoring in the respective systems’ software libraries here, although those alone are enough to make any self-respecting gamer go weak at the knees. No, we’re focusing on the pure animal magnetism of the hardware itself: the console and the controller. Forget about personality — today we’re going on skin-deep looks alone.

There’s a poll at the end for you to cast your vote for the sexiest Nintendo console from the shortlist we’ve assembled, and feel free to let us know other consoles (Nintendo or otherwise) that inspire lustful thoughts and languorous hours scrolling through auction sites in the comments.

Before that, though, grab yourself a fan and prepare to perspire as we present to you, in no particular order, the eight sexiest Nintendo systems ever. They’re all really really really ridiculously good-looking…

Panasonic Q

Wii (any, except the ‘Mini’)

Can an inanimate object be ‘sexy’? Yes, of course it can. Silly question!

Let us know below which of the fine specimens above have you dashing for a cold shower. And, of course, feel free to share your own personal preferences when it comes to some fine-looking hardware, including you personal favourite special edition variants — there’s certainly enough of those! We’re off to eBay to hunt down one of those red anniversary Wiis…

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