What new skills you want to learn?


Do you have any Hobbies? Or is there anything you’ve always secretly wanted to learn? In the past few years, a Cup of Joe team already love Skillshare, the online community, this is great to stimulate creativity. You can explore everything from interior design to photography time management(and everything in between). This several classes, we’ve loved recently…

Mali Andrew

What do you want to learn this year

Creative transformation: the nine practice drawing, writing and discover your future

“Sometimes I have trouble thinking about the future, not to worry, and want a way to help I look forward to it without fear of it,”said Gold, our editorial assistant. Such leadership writer and Illustrator Mari Andrew, can help you unlock your creativity and draw(or write)what you want your future to look like—what from five years past, and who you can as a grandparent. “I found myself drawing my future self as a published writer, living in the West Bank with my important he and our dog, Jack! It is so comforting to me in the future, through the perspective of Wonder and possibility.”


Style your space: creative techniques and technology

In her combat class, author and designer Emily Henderson to teach you to discover your own personal home style—what to do once you find it. Class, there have been more than 8,000 students, the contact from all the styling of the room in real-time practical tips for buying vintage furniture on Craigslist. A quick style quiz kicks off. “I got medieval and modern’, the line of the style we have at home,”says Joanna. “I also found myself attracted to the warmth of a’traditional’style and find great tips, for the combination of the two.” Our favorite tip of course:”you need a jumping off point—a great rug, a piece of art, a statement sofa—it makes you excited and gives the room a Intention and pull the rest of the room together.” So simple.

Justin Bridges, Skillshare

Modern money habits: 5 steps to building the life you want

We also like this new class of Wall Street investment banker-turned-freedom-photographer Justin Bridges. He shared his five-step approach to manage funds in a way that is incredibly approachable and down to Earth. “Don’t put undue pressure on their own”, he said. “It can be for everyone!” If you want to build a basic financial framework(who isn’t?), This video is for you.

Kyle Miller Skillshare

Creative writing: the opinions expressed in the articles

Last but certainly not least, best-selling author and a Cup of Joe contribution Kyle Miller has a new class about writing. There’s no better(or more adorable)guide. “You can have an opinion on anything you want! This is a free country! However, when it comes to opinion writing, you really want to start with you You know what?.” Kyle walks you through what makes a good opinion article, including how to structure and even how to pitch it once you do.

There are thousands of other wonderful courses, including author Mary Karr lesson on how to write memoirs and calligraphy and hand lettering, including one class to teach our officemate, Doris Fullgrabe. If you are curious, you can browse all of 25 000 class here.

Bonus for all readers: Today, Skillshare provides a Cup of Joe readers two months free! You can sign up for a premium membership, which will give you access to their entire catalog of classes, here. (Note: a credit card is required as a symbol, but you will not be charged until the two month trial period, and you can cancel at any time.) Thank you so much, Skillshare!

What new creative skills would you most like to learn? You take any class in your free time? We would love to hear.

(Photo by Christina Han for a Cup of Joe. This post is by Skillshare, his class, and we used to Love years. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Cup of Jo running.)

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