Week game: satisfactory comes to Steam

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A unique epic game shop, Satisfactory Is making the jump to Steam this week.

I like my short time SatisfactoryBut it never clicked to me, like I want. Something about building a complex system, in the first person did not work the way my brain is wired. I’ve seen people make amazing things in this game, so I know it’s just a personal issue, and not some error of the game.

Beyond Satisfactory To Steam, Other things came out. Check out the full list as follows:

Monday, June 8

  • Pixel bomb|PC
  • Cannonship|PC
  • Pagan lot: preamble|PC
  • Edge of dreams|PC
  • Satisfactory|PC
  • Cute triplets|PC

Tuesday, June 9

  • 1971 Project Helios|PS4, Xbox One, Switch, computer
  • Ys: Memories Of Celceta|PLAYSTATION 4
  • Jump king|PS4, Xbox One Switch
  • Project Warlock|PS4
  • The Elder Scrolls line: Greymoor|PS4, Xbox One
  • HopBound|PC
  • P. A. I. N. T|PC
  • Cat mystery|PC, Mac
  • Black eyes: book of heroes|PC

Wednesday, 10 December

  • Demon level+|Xbox Game
  • Gunbird2|PC
  • The Isle of man’s spirit|Xbox One, PC, Mac
  • Firechief|PS4
  • Firefighter-Airport Hero|PS4
  • Pity-pit|PS4
  • Newton’s cradle puzzle games|PC, Mac
  • Drekirokr-dusk of the Dragon|PC

Thursday, June 11

  • Evan is still|PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac
  • Project Warlock|switch
  • Samurai Shodown simple collection|PC
  • Beyond the blue|PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Samurai Shodown|PC
  • Ancestral heritage|switch
  • In depth of extinction|PS4
  • Glass mounted ball double pack|switch
  • Magazine Mogul|switches
  • Jumper Dragon|PC

Friday,June 12

  • Warborn|PS4, Xbox One, Switch, computer
  • Project Warlock|Xbox Game
  • Goosebumps: dead of night|Xbox One, PC
  • Zaccaria Pinball|PS4
  • Super Soccer explosion|PS4
  • House of fins|switch
  • Leather Pew Research Center|Switch
  • Death|Switch
  • Dot 8|Switch
  • The rogue robots|switch
  • A Super Toy Car 2|Switch
  • Inops|PC
  • Lot|PC
  • Warren Warlock|PC
  • ACT|PC

June 13

  • Whisper|PC
  • Widgets and Gidgets|PC
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