We mimic the Starbucks Protein Bites are the best taken away the Breakfast

ed. Note: This post was originally published in March 2019, but we want to pull it out of the archives because it is one of our favorite easy Breakfast to make at home. This recipe will produce a lot of leftovers, so you can throw any extra in the fridge, enough to feed your family all of the circumference. #StayHome, and happy baking!

Is other people due to obsession with sous vide egg bite in a Starbucks who I am? Roasted red pepper version is my final destination when I need a healthy Breakfast to keep me driven and motivated through a busy morning. Fortunately I have found a way to do a similar healthy version, I in the oven at home. These grilled copycat Starbucks Protein Bites are a great way to get ready for a ton of low-carb, healthy Breakfast items at once. No fancy equipment needed, just a little water in the bath and Silicon muffin tray or Silicon muffin cups.

I’m all about keeping it clean and healthy throughout the week–be realistic about what I will have time and energy to cook when I get home from a busy day when I Wake up in the morning is the key to the healthy food, however busy things get. So for me, it means sticking to what I know and developing a routine where I can plan and meal prep for a week of healthy eating.

Input: these protein bites! They are seriously the most perfect and easy meal to prepare Breakfast. I like to do a batch of them on Sunday night, so the leftovers in the fridge—a quick 1 minute heat up, you go out the mouth with a healthy Breakfast will keep you energized all morning.

First, you want to make sure the oven temperature is set relatively low mastery of imitation sous vide method. The idea behind sous see is that the food will be cooked evenly at a constant temperature, so you will not have any Browning or brittle on the outside or put the meat in. It also helps to food moisturizing so what are dry out. I didn’t 325F for an hour in the oven.

From there, fill your baking dish half way with water and grease the egg cups on top. Put your toppings in each Cup of the egg tray, then pour your egg mixture overtop.

For this recipe, I used spinach, red peppers, mushrooms and herbs, but don’t be afraid to try different vegetables in there too. They are a great way to clear out any vegetables from your fridge you haven’t used, reducing food waste.

Scroll through the recipe, and let me know in the comments how you get creative with different ingredients!

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