Uber’s report of 3,000 sexual assault claims last year

Super found of the more than 3,000 allegations of sexual assault involving a driver or a passenger on its platform in the United States, the last portion of an extensive and long-awaited review in response to public safety issues.

It’s called the car company released a 84-page safety report, on Thursday, an attempt to quantify the misconduct and the death, which occurred in its system, and that its service safer alternatives.

United States approximately 1. 3 billion of travel last year, Uber said. There are about 50 people had died in the Super conflict every year for the past two years, the rate should be about half the national average for car deaths, according to the company.

Super drivers report almost the same number of claims of sexual assault of passengers, who make up 56%of the claims. There is little comparable data, the attacks on taxi or other transportation systems, and some experts say that the attack is a widely-year-old report. Attack the claim report to the Uber never want to kissing forced penetration.

“Super is a largely anti-social,”said Tony West super chief legal officer, helped spearhead the two-year research effort. “Sadly, the unfortunate truth is that sexual violence is more prevalent in our society than people think. People don’t like to talk about this issue.”

Super has been promised for more than a year before the release of a safety study, a commitment to as out soon after. As the second largest car supplier in the United States, have not yet released a report. Last Thursday, Uber said that it will regularly share data are useful and other companies about the driver’s allegations of serious security vulnerabilities, and continue to publish a security report every two years.

Super has faced a steady complaint in the court of the entire country over the driver’s misconduct, and because the most recent has seen an explosion of legal claims by passengers. Only in California, at least 52 riders are prosecuted, because this year, accusing them of attacks on or harassment of their drivers, according to the application reviewed by Bloomberg.

Any number of deaths or acts of violence is a reminder of the risks inherent in the use of a strange and limited oversight the company has over what happens. By publishing the data, the Super is taking an unusual step for a company that, by drawing attention to dangerous products.

Regulatory institutions in London include the uncertainty about the Uber’s ability to ensure the well-being of its passengers one of the reasons that they revoked the company’s license to operate there last week. Super will be able to continue to operate in the UK capital as its appeal of the decision. Dara Khosrowshahi, chief Executive officer, said the event earlier in the week,”the precursor to trust is transparency.”

I doubt how many people will be amazed with these rare events; other people will understandably think they are still too common. Some people will understand how much we have done for safety; others will say we have more work to do. They will all be correct. (2/3)—dara khosrowshahi(@dkhos) December 5th, 2019

According to this study, the proportion of attacks that total travel decreased by 16% last year as Uber to implement new security tools, such as contact-driven and customer identification system for unusual activity, as well as add a button, dial 9-1-1 applications. “I do think Uber is one of the safest ways to get from point A to point B,”said West.

Super disclosure of five categories of sexual assault allegations. In 2018, Uber received 1 560 report of non-consensual contact of a sexual body part, 594 report of non-consensual kissing, non-sexual part of the body, 376 reports of non-consensual kissing in the sexual part of the body, 280 parts of the report attempts to non-voluntary penetration and 235 report of the non-voluntary penetration.

Counting attacks is a complex issue. Only about one-third of the claims, the company received about penetration without consent was reported to the police, and Uber estimates. In about a quarter of the cases, Uber said its teams unsuccessfully with victims after the initial report. The women reported to have 89% of the rape allegations, the company said.

Super selected not to disclose the many other worrying forms of sexual misconduct that it had previously identified as possible Reporting category. For example, the company did not say how many times the driver and passenger made inappropriate comments together, also did not disclose incidents of indecent exposure.

However, advocates for victims of sexual violence called the decision to release data of a potential watershed moment. “It’s really unprecedented for the company to collect such systematic data over time, and then share it with the public,”said Karen Baker, Chief Executive Officer of the National Violence Resource Center, the Center recommends the Uber research. Baker said she urged other corporate hospitality and transport industry in the United States to do the same.

Both Baker and Uber’s legal chief says the company may see an increase in reports of sexual misconduct in the future. This is actually a positive sign, Baker said, because it will reflect the victim’s confidence that their claims will be taken seriously.

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