Trump’s only impeachment lesson is to grab more power

As a result, he extended his power through people confuse the mechanism of constraints, and open a region of the President impunity–while pleasing his political base.

“I want to thank the judiciary see this terrible thing. I didn’t and the way they talk, just so you understand. They see how terrible of a nine-year sentence does not do anything,”the President told reporters.

He noted that the four prosecutors quit stone of the case”against the road,”to enhance the prospects that their protests failed to introduce accountability of the Executive and only helps to further empty out the government and make it more pliable President.

Trump denied that he crosses a line. But his tweets leave no doubt of what he thought would happen. And his strategy, in this case and others, the actual work.

Just because he is using our government power to smear Joe Biden in Ukraine the scandal, he succeeded in obtaining preferential treatment for one friends in stone’s case-although the last sentence will be a judgment.

Stones events is also increasing evidence that Attorney General William Barr row more the President’s personal lawyer and less of, in order to ensure the impartial administration of Justice.

Trump’s shameless practices also show that on Wednesday, when he was asked what he learned from the impeachment–after several GOP senators said they hope he will take lessons learned is restraint.

“The confirmation of the Democrats are crooked, and they got a lot of crooked things going. They are evil, they should not bring impeachment,”Trump told reporters.

An unprecedented spectacle

The King' s impeachment lesson: Democrats'Crooked'

This week, the Trump of the Senate of the end of the trial has seen an unprecedented sight: a President acquitted of impeachment of high crime, again commits himself to the shattering of the fence, got him into trouble in the first place.

Trump’s action is through a political history See his reward every time he tried to buckle Washington normal enthusiastic approval of his core voters.

In the unrestrained behavior will usually lead to Democratic anger and promote a new investigation and leads to a prominent media coverage of the warnings, our guidelines are on the attack. Such disputes not only confirmed many of Trump’s supporters, he is exactly the kind of destructive force they want when the They sent him to fight the Washington establishment in 2016.

The king of the hostile exercise of unpleasant moments, the Republican Senator proclaimed his innocence last week after a four-month impeachment drama, they face awkward questions about the President’s behavior reporters on Capitol Hill.

However, when they return home, they have obtained the approval of the Trump people, they need to avoid major challenges and to retain their seats, they for re-election. Emphasized his political power in the ground is impervious to Washington’s concerns, the President issued a series of congressional endorsements last week three.

ACE the behavior of the mode-dependent is an indifferent health, our political and judicial part of the system, the President, and will destroy the trust of the Agency, may take decades to restore his power game.

They also send a message to prosecutors throughout the country, which can allow political considerations to taint the judicial business. And it the risk of establishing a precedent, the next President–democratic or Republican–will be used to enforce its commands in the judiciary.

The idea that justice is at the core of America’s economic and political stability and a key global reputation. Warning about the stigma of the administration of justice; through strong people leadership has long been a core of our criticism of the United Nations in the developing world. The US government has for instance advocated for U.S. companies in China complain of political weight in the court system.

The President decided not to wait for a week after his impeachment trial–an event, some Republicans say they want to give him a lesson is, despite the vote acquitted–to expand their own power has stunned Washington. This is even after three years of ACE-the trigger of the impact.

“What really makes me uneasy–a former Prosecutor for almost 30 years-is when a person makes through the storm, criminal justice storms, and they learn something in the process,”former Federal Prosecutor Gene Rossi told CNN Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people in the Ministry of Justice of the people still working there, professional people, they is definitely not happy, upset and angry the head of the door is basically afraid of his own shadow and of the President of the United States,”he said.

The Democratic Party established the Barr showdown

Democrats said Barr testified before Congress in March

Democrats, in the exhaustion of the ultimate political sanction of impeachment, still vowing to keep the Trump responsibility. They plan to put on the Stone theory emerged during through the Barr of the House Judiciary Committee on March 31.

Representative Kathleen Rice, D-New York warned that the King put himself above the rule of law, and sends the message to the public, his friends can escape justice time people can not.

“I fear that Donald Trump is to be successful, in the numbness of the American public for his sins. We cannot let this happen. He must be held accountable,”Rice, a member of the Homeland Security Committee told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

ACE of intervention stone’s case exposed his GOP supporters to fresh questions about his behavior–only a week after they escaped the glare of the impeachment trial.

South Carolina’s Graham. The king should not be released on a real-time situation. But added that, although he stone the sentencing recommendation is extreme and the judiciary does not go beyond its scope.

Asked by CNN’s Manu Raju whether Graham is encouraged by the impeachment, the Republican Senator replied:”I think he feels like people are out to get him, that’s excessive.”

The Louisiana Republican Party. John Kennedy described the President’s tweet as a”problem.” But he added that he did not detect evil behavior.

“I don’t see any evidence that the judiciary change its position or to develop its position, according to the President of the tweets, if someone could tell me to prove more than speculative, I will begin to consider,”Kennedy said.

Maine. Senator Susan Collins says she does not like”this series of events.”

“I think most people in the United States will look at and say,’Well, just does not look right. I think they are right,”Collins said.

And Alaska. Lisa Murkowski, another moderate Republican to vote in favour of the innocence of the Queen of the long-term painful decision, was asked whether the King had taken any lessons from the impeachment. She suggested that”the absence of any strong indicators of this week, he has.”

CNN’s Manu Raju and cat Gloria contributed to this story.

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