Trump’s new immigration’ban’is an evil ambition

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump at a press conference in September 2018. (Evan El-Amin*/

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Donald Trump is not subtle. He inflexible clever. When he”speaks in code”the code is obvious, even a low power Michael Cohens of the world. When he wants people to say something, to tell them what to say. When he wants people to be distracted, he was effective on the ground under the beating, making a fool of yourself, until the people are sufficiently distracted by his performances and tantrums.

This week, Donald Trump wants us to talk about immigration. The pandemic story is unfavorable to him, because of his failure to cause people to death. The economic story is bad for him, because of the economic downsizing in a depression-like rate. And so, ACE decided to publish his new immigration ban, this one on the surface was the inspiration for the coronavirus.

Compared to his paranoia, the Supreme Court approved of the Muslims of the ban, or his medieval boundary wall of fantasy, this feels more like a desperate struggle with a weak President against the attacks of the insanity of dictatorship. With his approval ratings down from their temporary flows and General elections the polls show he loses, the king is now battling for life, has saved him so many times before the bigotry and xenophobia of his base.

But this time, Trump’s reach exceeds his grasp. Even called the Executive order he signed yesterday a”prohibited immigrant”is taken to Trump the divisive rhetoric and the salesmanship of the legal and practical realities of his command. The king is not to prohibit, stop or suspend”immigration.” What he did is more like xenophobia as a performing art rather than the actual decision-making.

This is not to say that the Trump order is also good. It would unnecessarily hurt one group will become the new Americans have done everything to complete the arduous process of immigration to this country. This is the immigration attack for the sole purpose of exciting the people sick of the comfort of sexual harassment of foreigners, they never meet. And it Is Politically distracting’just because it is transparent design.

This is not a migration limit has anywhere near the scope or effect of the front of terror(this is why it is also almost certainly the Constitution). Trump the ban of the focus is on people applying from outside the United States for permanent residence, better known as the”green card”. His decision to ban the processing of these applications for 60 days of commitment and threat, he may be re-examined and extended this decision.

It is essential, though, in order not to extend to all non-resident green card applicants. The order contains exceptions to the green card applicants who are sponsored by U.S. citizen spouse. It contains exceptions for children aged under the age of 21 who is sponsored by a U.S. parent. It contains exceptions for doctors, nurses and health care professionals. And in order to contain the exceptions to the foreign investors through the EB-5 program, which essentially lets anyone with $ 900,000 to spend to buy into the country. Only a Republican administration trying to convince their supporters that people have 900 000 dollars or more can not transmit a communicable disease.

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