Trump responds to Biden claim he left children ‘starving’ on Mexican side of border: ‘Outrageous’

President Trump joined “The Ingraham Angle” in an exclusive interview to respond to President Biden’s first press conference of his term.

Host Laura Ingraham played Trump a clip of Biden appearing to accuse Trump of leaving migrant children to “starve to death” on the Mexican side of the southern border.

“When an unaccompanied child ends up at the border, we are going to let them starve to death and stay on the other side — No previous administration did that either, except Trump. I’m not going to do it,” said Biden.

Trump blasted the Delaware Democrat in response:

“First of all, it’s just the opposite. By the time we finished what we were doing (on the border), very few people were coming up because they knew they weren’t going to get through. We stopped ‘catch and release’ — which was a disaster,” said Trump.


“The very biggest thing was we had the Remain In Mexico policy, and that means that we wouldn’t allow people to wait in our country until they were totally checked out, which most of them didn’t get checked out, and they would go back to their own country.”

“If young kids were with parents, but a lot of times, they weren’t, and we would take care of them, but … what they are doing now is outrageous. And they should finish the wall.”

Later in the interview, Trump ripped the Biden White House for what he called an “absolute embarrassment” in Anchorage, Alaska, last week.

National Security Adviser Jacob Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a diplomatic meeting with top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi.

Ingraham noted to Trump that Yang lectured Blinken on perceived American shortcomings like the unrest seen across the nation and the prevalence of Black Lives Matter.

“Did the Chinese ever lecture you or your people about America’s racism problem?” she asked.

“We never had anything like that happen… That was an absolute embarrassment to our country. I could not believe it,” Trump fumed.

“We should have walked out. Nobody ever talked to my group that way, have nobody ever talked to me that way, I can tell you that.”

“If they did, I would have doubled up the tariffs — which, frankly, were something we probably should have done, anyway. I took in billions and billions of dollars from China. We were bringing businesses back. It was really going well. And China respected us. They never spoke to us the way they spoke (to Biden’s team).”

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