Trump believes that places of worship’must’in the Cov epidemic, and a threat to replace the Governor

“Some state governors have identified liquor stores and abortion clinics is essential, but has left our Church and Chapel. This is not true. So I corrected this injustice, and call their places of worship essential,”Trump said during his announcement at the White House.

The chair said that, under his direction, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide guidance.

King said he called the Governor”allows churches and places of worship opened.”

“If there are any problems, they want to call me, but they wouldn’t be successful with this appeal,”Trump added.

“The Governor needs to do the right thing and allow these very important essential to place confidence in the open, now, this weekend. If they do not, I will cover the Governor,”he continued.

A senior administration official told CNN the guidance was initially delayed because some officials think the proposal is too detailed, it is impossible to the Church and others to achieve. There is talk of putting no guidance at all for religious services, but the ACE in a dialogue with CDC officials, and urge them to issue something.

The White House Cov task force to finalize the guidance during a meeting on Thursday.

The President said the dialogue with the disease prevention and Control Center officials on Thursday, told participants and the press at a listening session with African-American,”I said,’You’d better get it put out. “

“I talked to the CDC today about the Church. We’ve got our Church open. We’ve got our national Open,”he said.

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