Top Trump donor who gave more than $2 million to the GOP picked to run Postal Service

A major donor to President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee was selected as the new United States Postal Service on Wednesday.

Louis DeJoy, the North Carolina businessman to Fund-raising for the 2020 national Republic Convention, ratified by the United States Postal Administration Council to become”the first Postal Service in twenty years who did not rise through the Agency ranks,”the Washington Post reports.

DeJoy has more than $ 2 million of the ACE movement and the Republican Party of reason, because in 2016, according to the report, which includes a $ 1 million Republican National Committee and $ 650,000 the ACE of the Victory Fund.

DeJoy’s wife, Aldona branch, is also increased by the level of Trumpworld. King the nomination section will allow Canada earlier this year, instead of the Kelly’s crafts, and another of the biggest donors has been promoted to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Section is also Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Commission on White House Fellowships. She previously served as Ambassador to Estonia former President George W. Bush.

The Postal Service announced DeJoy choice late Wednesday night.

“Louis DeJoy understanding of the key public service role of the United Nations Postal Service and the urgent need to strengthen it for future generations”Robert Duncan, the king appointed the President, the Council said in a statement. “The Commission recognized that Louis’s depth of knowledge on the important issues facing the Postal Service, and he hoped with all our stakeholders in the preservation and protection of this important institution.”

DeJoy front ran New Breed Logistics, a logistics company has been a contractor for the United States Postal for over twenty years.

“Having worked closely in the Postal Service for many years, I very much appreciate the agencies and specialized workers faithfully perform its task,”DeJoy said in a statement.

The Council says it made the selection after it reviewed more than 50 candidates.

In the mobile where a The King’s supporters in the head of an institution, its Chairman, had criticized for many years,the most recent request they raise the price on the package from Amazon, another common Trump goals. The President threatened to withhold bailout funds from the Postal Service, even though Congress allocated $ 10 billion to help cash-strapped institutions. The Postal Service is projecting a $ 1.3 billion hole in its budget through.

“After the office—if they raised the price of the package by about four times, it will be a whole new ball game,”ACE content myself last month. “But they don’t want to put up, because they don’t want to insult. They don’t want to insult other company, perhaps, they like. The post office should raise the price of the Packet Company, the future of people—to the company. If they do, it will be a completely different story.”

DeJoy appointment than made Postmaster General Megan Brennan retired following complaints, the Ministry of Finance is the”interference”of the Postal Service. David Williams, a Democrat, resigned as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors last week.

“[Williams]the main frustration is that he feels the Finance Ministry is interference in a non-political Committee and non-political Agency,”a source told The Post.

Representative Gerry Connolly, D-Va., Who chaired the House Subcommittee responsible for oversight of the Agency, called the move a flagrant reward”partisan contributions.”

“The Postal Service is in crisis and needs real leadership and people knowledge of the problem,”Connolly said. “This skirt is not cut.”

Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias warned that the move could have serious consequences, promote the implementation of large-scale mail ballot of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Voting by mail is essential to democracy, in the year 2020. The appointment of an ACE of the skirt with running the post office is a very ominous sign,” He tweeted. “We simply cannot have fair elections in 2020 is not a fairly run of the Postal Service of the period.”

The Republic of Alexander Oka Theo-Cortez also warned that the move could impact this fall’s elections after Trump repeatedly pushed the debunked conspiracy theories about vote by mail.

“The GOP is naming a political operative without the United States Postal Service mail administrator of the General right before the election millions of people will try to vote by mail to save their own lives,” She wrote. “They are destroying our democracy and shredding our public institutions in our eyes.”

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