This is the actual timeline of events in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’

Sorcerer‘s best fantasy, realism, direct folk-rock ballads to make it a more interesting new shows out of Netflix in 2019. Not, however, a flow network the most direct.

Occurs in the third schedule, Sorcerer Put all the places and bamboozles its audience of the purpose, making it difficult to discern the place, its character is at any given time. Whether this schedule start effective is a question for another time, but for now this is the sorcerer to the fans(witchies?) A nice puzzle analysis, until the Netflix release of Season 2.

How long a period of time not 1 season cover? What is the actual order of events Geralt,Yennifer, and Ciri? How to always Yennefer? What tone and image of the journey? All these questions and more are answered here.


Ciri schedule is the most simple, thank God

Feeling the timeline of Netflix's'the Sorcerer'

The good news is, the Princess Cirilla of the schedule occurred at about the end of a week when both Geralt and Yennifer story. It took eight episodes to get there, but everything Geralt does in Season 1 of the lead to the last shot and his meeting of Ciri and Yennifer’s fiery victory Kyle and Nilfgaardians in the Battle of the rotten mountain occurred about the same time Ciri ongoing flight from Sintra.

The bad news is, everything else is a mess, because no one in this age segment display In all.

How long is Geralt timeline Sorcerer?

Deadbeat dad no more,Angelo Bethel Viana

Deadbeat dad no more,Angelo Bethel Viana

By Episode 3, it is clear Geralt’s timeline to skip forward several times in Season 1. He got Jaskier Bard in Episode 2 and by Episode 5 they have been friends for 10 years. Thankfully, Geralt story with another character, their life expectancy is better defined, and their age is easier to determine during the season.

This word is the Queen of the Gulistan apartments of Sintra.

In Episode 1, Ciri attend the Banquet before the slaughter of Sintra and mentioned that her grandmother Gulistan apartments won her first battle, she Ciri’s age. Later in the event(but back in the timeline),Renfri tell Jay Lott, Gulistan apartments Recently Won the same battle, and the beginning of Geralt’s adventure in what year of the Gulistan apartments is because the young, because Ciri is in the Banquet.

We know from Gulistan apartment, the pre-killing participation Geralt in Episode 7 of the Witches is not in Sintra for 12 years, leaving when Pavetta is in her first trimester of pregnancy with Ciri. To Pavetta nine months of gestation, that will make Ciri11 the age of parameters. This means that the Gulistan apartments also won her first fight in 11 years.

We’ll call this, the year of the 11-year-old Gulistan apartment, the first victory and Geralt encounters with Renfri in Blaviken, This year 1.

Pavetta engagement is the second point of contact in Gulistan apartments schedule. Gulistan hotel is eager to marry Pavetta off, and raised her own early in the dance, and therefore it is logical to assume that Pavetta is set to become a young bride—the Sorcerer book where she at the age of 15, which track the Netflix show. If Gulistan apartment at the age of 15, she is married, her daughter Pavetta was born soon after her mother’s marriage, which will make the Gulistan apartments 31-year-old, and the Earth This year 20 In Geralt’s schedule.

Plus Pavetta pregnancy and Ciri’s age, the schedule gives us 12 years to put Geralt’s meeting in Ciri Year 32 And limiting him to Season 1 of the adventure period of three years.

How long Yennefer timeline Sorcerer?

Yenn looks good on the old as dirt.

Yenn looks good on the old as dirt.

Yenn schedule is a lot of difficult to parse, so this people won’t have difficult numbers. It is important to keep in mind is that many Yenn story, until she meets Geralt in Episode 5 takes place Before This year 1 In Geralt’s schedule.

Yenn’s father was a half-elf who perished in the Great Purge, the genocide, is considered to be semi-recent history, by the time Geralt met Filavandrel and other elves Episode 2. Since Yenn does not remember her father and relatively young when she goes through her catheter to the event, a great cleaning can occur 15 to 19-year-old Before her schedule begins.

We also don’t know how long Yenn research in Aretuza, which makes it impossible to find her elderly years when she down the stairs. She is not young and old between the arrival and Ascension, but again— There is no one age in this damn show.

Yenn and then said, in Episode 4, she spent thirty years in the service of the king and appears in Section 5 as an independent witch meet Geralt and Jaskier in Rinde, but we know she worked for 30 years is not useful, until his own—she might have been independent for decades before Geralt met her.

Draw the schedule a little tight around her story needs a few more elements and a wide range of guesses, most of which are associated with the voice and image of the journey…and Jaskier, the Bard.

What kind of tone and image of the journey and Jaskier can tell us about Yenn

Coin toss mix and match your writers existing research this article.

Coin toss mix and match your writers existing research this article.

Back to Aretuza,Yenn is virtually assigned to the lustful King Fergus of the sound and the image of the journey, but the common rather than to serve the King Virfuril later this year. This means that King Fergus is still in power when Yenn raised, and her 30-year countdown to independence can start somewhere in his reign.

By this time Geralt met for the first time when it starts Merigold,women’s services, the incest-loving franchise King, King Fergus of the sound and the image of the journey have been killed and deprived.

Usurp the voice and image of the journey is important, because Yenn is likely to remain a member of the Brotherhood of sorcerers when King Fergus was deprived;for the first time when it starts Merigold recent Aretuza graduate school, when Fergus died, and she still recognized Yenn in Episode 7.

Take this information and combine it with the 10-year schedule Jaskier and Geralt of friendship to cut down the possible date of the Yenn to abandon the Brotherhood. Geralt met Jaskier before Fergus was usurped and has been his friend for a decade when they meet Yenn in Set 5.

Yenn has been on her own when she encounters them in the Rinde, which means that she left the Brotherhood of the years between the franchise usurped, and Jaskier and Geralt’s 10 year friendaversary.

After the number of 30 years to any date in this period of time overlap This year 1This means Yenn left the Brotherhood before, Geralt time to even start.

Guys, Yenn is the old kind Ball.

Because of Geralt and Ciri together the end of Season 1, and Yenn not far away in the wet, perhaps Sorcerer Season 2 won’t do the same-wimey stuff to get all their story into a short eight hours.

The Witcher is now Stream Netflix.

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