The UK government launched a £ 10 million Edtech strategic|emerging technology and innovation

The UK Government has launched its latest education technology, or Edtech, is the strategy of today, which aims to reduce teacher workload and improve student results through collaboration with leading technology companies.

The plan is to give schools and colleges the country has 10 million pounds to enhance through education up to M Ann Hinds, in school and College shows in London, where he told participants:”this strategy is only the first step in ensuring that the education sector can take advantage of all the opportunities available through Edtech.”


“We live in a digital world, with technology changing the way we live…but we must never think about technology for its own sake. Technology is an enabler and accelerator. Too long in education, technology has seen things, increase the teacher’s workload rather than help to alleviate it.”

According to government figures, the Edtech industry is £ the value of 170 million dollars of the UK economy, while the majority of children in education often use technology in their free time, the education sector has so far failed to take full advantage of technological way, for the benefit of the students.

The government has identified 10 educational challenges, it wants to solve with the help of technology companies, including improving teacher training opportunities, to improve anti-fraud software, to promote the use of innovative technologies and levelling the playing field for the learning difficulties of students or disability.

The broader Edtech agenda by a newly created Edtech leadership team, which will be responsible for determining the future use and implementation of technology in the entire education sector.

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Partnership with the UK’s innovation Foundation Nesta will also form part of the strategy, the Foundation is the concrete task is to find technical solutions to improve the marking of the article, the formation of assessment, parental involvement and time management techniques.

The Minister of Universities, Science, Research and innovation, Chris Skidmore, also talked about the new strategy, reviews the importance of the work of the”lead teacher, education experts and technology companies to unlock the benefits for our children and young people”.

The government has been criticized in the past ignored the call for teachers on how to improve the education sector. Today announced the commitment of a number of partnership and collaboration, will support the development of the products, to ensure that meet their needs teachers, lecturers, students and students.’

Although the objectives of the strategy is likely to be welcomed by those working in the education sector, it is still too early to determine if this will help to reduce the growing achievement gap among the disadvantaged students to participate in state-funded mainstream schools and their privately educated peers.

Figures released by the Education Policy Institute at the beginning of this year found that 95%of all mainstream schools are less likely to be hit government targets in KS4 mathematics and English assessments. Therefore, it is hope that today’s announcement will help not only the fair competition environment within each Agency between all the schools in the entire UK.

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