The game just did a big commercial television to promote Ghost of the horse

Cruise industry TV advertising spend saw a 5. 39%decline in August, dipping to an estimated $ 17. 8 millions of yen 18. 7 million dollars. Although 11 brand broadcast advertising, Sony drove most of the spend on the other brand consoles, which is still one of the leaders this summer for two impressions and budget expenditures.

GamesBeat已与 always on TV advertising measurement and attribution platform, to bring you monthly reports on how the game brand expenses. The following result is a top five game industry’s brand in November, the assessment of national television advertising.

The long-term chart of the leader of the game spent an estimated 13. 2 million, broadcast two points more than 2,000 times, resulting in 573. 3 million TV advertising impressions. Almost all the flowers went to the”A storm is coming,”promoting the Ghost of the horse. Three key Online Game priority is to ESPN, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central, While the top shows including South Park, Sports Centerthat Family Guy.

Second Nintendo an estimated cost of $ 2. 9 million on 15 ads a 2 600 times, generating 248. 7 million TV advertising impressions. The maximum cost(est. 1.5 million dollars)is to”put the world in the midst of”advertising Paper Mario: origami King. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Teen Nick the three networks to score the maximum of expenditure; represents include SpongeBob, Loud Housethat Teen Titan!.

GameFly needs to a third party at an estimated cost of $ 574,481 six on-demand out of the 651 times, resulting in 61. 7 million TV advertising impressions. At the top of the business by spending(estimated to be$185,972)is”spare change: a comment.” Programmed with the largest expenditures include South Park, Family Guy And the replay of the NBA ball basketball game, while the top networks including Teen Nick, Comedy Central, and Adult Swim.

In No. 4: anime style game, its cost is estimated at 345,628 broadcast a single point,”the AMA Pro Motocross Championship track,”94 times, resulting in 2. 1 million TV advertising impressions. Advertising can only be broadcast two networks, MAVTV and NBC, and in three programs: the Pro Motocross Championship, car racing, Manual Auto Auction.

2K cruise out of the ranking, with estimated expenditures of $ 302,815 sixth recording of”quarrel no limit”, which racked up 2. 5 million TV advertising impressions. Top network by spending including Fox, USA Network, and Fox Sports 2 and the commercial only ran in two programs: Friday night SmackDown and WWE Monday Night Raw.

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