The best way for Kyle Shanahan to respond to another Super Bowl collapse? Have it.

Staley to apologize for his feelings, but he can’t control them. All of the 49ers, it will be a long off-season of regret and sadness that, somehow, they must get past in order to avoid becoming another Oh-so-close to the”Super Bowl”loser of a monster hangover.

“Yeah, I’m sorry,”Staley said. “This is super disappointing. This is very difficult at this moment to it. You put your heart and soul and entire life to trying to be a Super Bowl champion, and you end your career, and you know how rare these opportunities. Emotions are still raw and real for me right now.”

Staley while the framework of the new challenges coaches Kyle Shanahan, the 40-year-old offensive Prodigy who is one-quarter to become the third youngest coach to win the Super Bowl before suffering a second crash of his career in this event. This is no longer about the design and called Beautiful drama. It is no longer to show off his insight of the officials in the provenance of the penalty before it happens. Shanahan has to help his team, still young and constantly rising, heal properly from this destruction. And the coach must do it as a flawed and vulnerable group of leaders.

Shanahan has done a most strange rise rapidly. Although done so much at such a young age, his short career has had some high-end fail to balance the success. He came to the Super Bowl LIV is trying to get rid of the disappointment of the 28-No. 3, which is leading the Atlanta to blow at 34-28 overtime loss to New England in Super Bowl LI. Shanahan attacks coordinator of the Falcons, he was criticized for serious continued to pass, instead of running the football—thus, use more of the clock in the game.

The Falcons led 28-9 at the beginning of the fourth quarter three years ago. The Patriots’comeback, becoming the largest fourth quarter rally in NFL playoff history; no team win a playoff game, by 17 or more points entering the last quarter. Now Shanahan must be increased by the failure to hold another double-digit fourth-quarter lead, this time 20-10, he listed the setbacks. After Atlanta’s sad, he left to become head coach in San Francisco and did not experience the impact. But as a coach going nowhere, Shanahan will feel all of this pain.

“Everyone was disappointed, they should be,”Shanahan said. “I don’t want to have what different. Guys put their heart into the season, and put up a game short. I am very proud to be us, but it’s gonna take a little time to get over.”

In the 49ers run, I mentioned Shanahan as the youngest offensive minds in the NFL. This does not change my mind. There’s a genius to him, the same, because there is a genius to Kansas City coach Andy Reid a long time ago, his 21-season champion, chasing the end of a breakthrough Sunday night. But just like Reed, Shanahan has a few holes in his guide the game. It is in him to continue to learn from his mistakes and inspires his team by his persistence.

But first he must guide them from The Curse of the Super Bowl in the loser. While the 49ers have the talent of youth, as well as cleaning of the salary cap to improve, add some debris, and win it all next season, history suggests that they may not deliver on their so soon. 54 the Super Bowl, only three teams have lost a lot of the game, and then return the very next season go to bathe in the confetti: the 1971 Dallas Cowboys and 1972 Miami Dolphins and 2018, The New England Patriots.

There is also a greater chance that the next season might be out of control San Francisco. Before losing to the Patriots, 13-3 a year ago, this seems to be the Los Angeles Rams have lasting force. They answered their Super Bowl defeat by finishing 9-7 and missing the playoffs this past season. Four years ago, Carolina Panthers backwards from 15-1 to from 6 to 10 in response to completion as an army.

Even in the Super Bowl losing team into the playoffs next season, they tend to be abrasive, to rebuild their confidence and trust, and looking for a new edge. They are just not the same. 49 people are in a better position than some other because it’s not like they’ve been chasing a title for many years. Their excellence this season is a bit of a surprise after a 4-12 campaign in 2018. If they have completed the chief of staff last Sunday, they would have won a championship while still on the rise. It has been talking about a continuous operation, similar to the chatter of the Chiefs to win more Championships.

A crash midway through the fourth quarter shouldn’t ruin all of the optimism for the 49ers’future. But all the pain and guess what, this loss complex efforts to maintain the overall momentum.

Moving forward, Shanahan must accept to be blamed for the two Super Bowl losses. No getting around it, no barking back. It can help the psychology of his players, if he put the loss on himself, and then will show them how to respond. Good coaches turn the page, see the big picture and move to the next play, the next challenge. Them this way in the victory. They absolutely such a failure. Play the game is a more emotional effort. It gnawed a little more. It spines. It lingering. It is difficult to divide. Shanahan should take this pain and all the negative that comes with it, can be open to the public cleaning, and then move a little bit later than he normally would. This is a subtle, but powerful shift in mindset that could break the player/coach of the wall, and make Shanahan more relatable and vulnerable. The players needs, more than they need a dictator to tell them how to heal.

It is not open to ridicule, should be concerned about Shanahan. It is suspected that the interior of the dressing room. He doesn’t need his late game management has become a source of resentment. This is one of the things that he does not deny this. In the two blow the Super Bowl, his dynamic offense failed to score points in seven fourth-quarter possessions. In the two blow the Super Bowl, his team have played 46-0 in the fourth quarter and overtime.

You can consider a personal call, but for Shanahan, this is more of a macro problem. He likes to go to the flow of the game, which is very powerful when you are running the football down the throat of the Green Bay Packers. But he must also have the discipline to adjust better to the time and circumstances. If he can add some philosophical nuances to his strategy and subtlety of the feeling called up, and then we will praise his evolution a few years.

If he is as stubborn as most coaches? Well, he will be walking through a potentially combustible locker room holding a kerosene brilliant script.

Shanahan is so good you sometimes forget he’s just a third-year head coach learning on the job. He had received a painful reminder. There is only one way to respond to being humble: to show humility.

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