Temtem gets a new island in Cipanku Island later this week

Monster catching game Temtem is to get its biggest update yet tomorrow, as developer Crema has announced that it’ll be adding an entire new region to the game in the form of Cipanku Island.

As the main game was a sort of homage to Pokémon, the new island appears to take a leaf from Digimon, as the island is said to be Electric/Digital themed. Digital Temtem will be different creatures from the ones you’ve collected so far, being the first type that are weak to themselves as well as Water and Electric, but are strong against Mental and Melee and are also resistant to Toxic.

The update will also add Temtem‘s first Mythical Temtem, that’ll only be reachable through the new Lairs activity. You’ll require a group of players from three to five—five being the reccomended amount—where you’ll all have to progress through your own paths, with all resources shared between your party. It’s also reccomended your team of Temtem themselves are levelled up to at least 50.

The Cipanku Island update lands tomorrow, April 13 in Temtem which is available via Early Access on PC and PlayStation 5.


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