Sweet & Sour Cider Brussels Sprouts Will Win Over Your Pickiest Eaters

Remember when brussels sprouts weren’t cool? All of you young millennials may not remember the day when brussels were lumped into the same category as, say, a casserole.

And yes, while they can be mushy and smelly, thank goodness the last several years of restaurant culture have made them over as the crispy, multilayered veg that they are, best when served spicy and charred (IMHO.)

There are always a few standbys on our Thanksgiving table, and brussels sprouts that are roasted until crispy and sweet are one of them. Although my sis makes a killer version, I’ve been wanting to recreate these cider-glazed brussels sprouts with dates that I tried in LA a few months ago, so I thought the lead up to the holidays felt the perfect time. Instead of leaning on my typical method of roasting halved sprouts until crispy, I shredded these into thin little ruffly bites, then did a hard sear in a cast iron skillet to get that char that I’m always after. 

A quick toss in a sweet vinegar sauce with a secret ingredient (apple cider!) and a sprinkle of toasted pecans, dates, and chile flakes, and these are pretty close to perfect. Serve them with your turkey, or as the centerpiece to a nourishing veggie bowl in the weeks ahead. Or in tacos (yes, for real!)

Scroll on for the recipe…

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