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Brian has been hard at work creating unique stadiums with the new stadium creator tool in MLB The Show 21. While Bob has been using the feature to try and re-create some old classics, Brian is going the other route and putting his own creative juices to the test.


In this latest update from Prince, ESBC offered fans a look at the scans for Cris Cyborg, as well as gameplay information on punch damage, body deformation and other gameplay details.


We discussed the 10 rookies we’re looking forward to using in Madden 22 today, but we also want to highlight five rookies who tormented us in Madden throughout the years. This is where Matt’s list comes into play.

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Madden 21 LawrenceWe last highlighted UnFadeable’s PS5 roster when free agency was in full effect. Since that time, he has continued to add to the roster, and he’s not getting close to completing all third-round draft picks for his Madden 21 NFL Draft roster.

All my created rookies take a lot of time because I make them 100% original and 100% correct data. Everyone single one has their correct date of birth, hometown, all the little details correct. I don’t mass produce them just to get them out there.

Madden 21 LanceOn the PS5 side of things, we have shared a Madden 21 NFL Draft community roster, so now let’s head to the Xbox side of things. For the record, I do not own an Xbox right now so I could not pull info from the roster myself, but it’s the one the community is gravitating most towards right now so I’ll take their word for it here.


ea sports college football athletic director modeA lot of us remember our first time playing Owner mode in Madden 06. “You can adjust ticket prices!?” “I can charge $8 for hot dogs!?” (This seemed outrageous at the time. Now, not so much). The options were endless, and the new mode came with a new feeling: I’m the owner. I’m the boss! I answer to no one! I’ve always thought about how a mode like this would play out in a college football game (and eventually a college basketball game, please). With the recent news about EA bringing back college football, I figured now would be the perfect time to capitalize on all of those Google searches and discuss an Athletic Director mode coming to the next EA Sports College Football game.

E3 PES 2022It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for Konami. While this could also apply to the world as a whole, Konami (like so many other game developers) has been affected by the global pandemic. From its pre-pandemic decision to make eFootball PES 2021 a “Season Update” to the news of the weekend that Konami will not be in attendance at this year’s E3, it’s been an interesting time for the popular Japanese-based company. So what does this mean for eFootball PES 2022? Let’s speculate!

Byron Buxton MLB The Show 21You will need to collect 25 players from the April Topps Now and the Monthly Awards program (out of a possible 26) in order to get to 100 points to complete the program and get Buxton. This tracks with how it worked in last year’s game, so that’s why it’s never a bad idea to complete the Topps Now moments each week as they come out. You will get more Topps Now packs while completing missions in the Monthly Awards program, so you don’t really need to buy too many players in the marketplace if you don’t want to speed up the process. In addition, prices will go up right now on some of those Topps Now cards (again, this is why it’s always good hoarding some of these Topps Now cards in the short term to sell them right now) before they dip back down once the excitement dies down.

MLB The Show 21 Retro StadiumsI recently did a deep dive on the stadium creator feature that is in next-gen MLB The Show 21 — with a focus on retro stadiums. Since the release of that article, one of the biggest issues that I had with the stadium creator has now been rectified. A search function within the stadium vault is now available for users to search specifically for a certain stadium or creator’s name. The ability to search has opened the stadium creator tool and vault to the community in a way that wasn’t available previously. With the ability to search for specific stadiums, folks in the community can now focus on searching for the content they are looking for and stop wasting time flipping through pages of useless material.

MLB The Show 21 2nd Inning Program guideThe 2nd Inning Program has launched today in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty. More people than usual got to finish all the XP goals in the first program, so it will be interesting to see now if getting all of the rewards is more commonplace than it was in previous years due to the new way SDS is handling XP overall with no long-term XP goals. This new program will end 28 days from now, and the three new bosses will be available once more at 350,000 XP.

Madden 22 top 10 rookiesThe 2021 NFL Draft has officially concluded, which means we can now start fantasizing about how our favorite NFL teams will look and play in Madden 22, more specifically, how the rookies will play in this year’s game. Now please understand, this list won’t have every rookie, and I’m sure there will be plenty of room for debate over who the top rookies in this year’s game will be. Nevertheless, these players are the cream of the crop — the most talented and definitely the most video-game-like of the group to me. So, without further delay, here are the top 10 rookies I can’t wait to use in Madden 22.

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