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The MLB The Show 21 community is getting better and better at using the new stadium creator tool to create some crazy created stadiums. We continue to highlight the work of creators who have found a way to make beautiful and playable concepts with SDS’ newest feature. In this video, we get an ode to The Avengers, NBA 2K‘s Neighborhood, and a ballpark made for mashing home runs. We’ve got work from CptTatertott5155, Papafurst, and Nemo5155.


When it comes to the ESBC roster, it continues to impress us. So, Prince seeks to answer the question: Is this the best roster of boxers ever assembled for a video game?

If it’s not the best boxing roster ever, it’s still quite clearly up there. If you can name one better, feel free to post about it. Prince makes a compelling case in either case.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

PES 2021 Team Spirit GuideOne of the most important aspects on any team, regardless of the sport, is team chemistry. A cohesive unit operating as one can be a nightmare for the opposition, often helping to bridge the gap between talented and less talented squads. Leicester City rode the team chemistry wave all the way to a Premier League title in 2015-16. When it comes to PES 2021, team spirit (chemistry) is a vital component of both MyClub and Master League. In this PES 2021 team spirit guide, I’ll discuss team spirit concepts, how it affects your squad, and how to avoid some common pitfalls that come with lower team spirit.

MLB The Show 21 diamond dynasty budget beastsOne of the biggest drawbacks of card-collecting modes in sports games has always been the difficulty in building a competitive squad when you don’t have the kind of time (or money) that others do to play the game. With many sports games, this will force you to have to regularly play matches online against opponents who have stacked squads, and those games can frequently end up being discouraging experiences. Luckily, that’s not as much of a problem with MLB The Show 21‘s Diamond Dynasty because the mode offers a lot of budget beasts at every position, with almost every single one available to purchase on the marketplace.

Ranked Seasons 2 MLB The Show 21We wrapped up Ranked Seasons 1 yesterday, and it appears the structure for Ranked Seasons rewards will follow the same guidelines as last year. This means the player rewards from Season 1 will remain, and now a new set of diamond and gold players have been added to that same pool. With that said, let’s outline what’s new here for Ranked Seasons 2 in MLB The Show 21.

The second set of World Series diamond are Signature Series Kyle Seager and Awards Matt Wieters. Again, it’s not abnormal to have two diamonds rather than three based on prior years. This means All-Star Prince Fielder, All-Star Ryne Sandberg and 2nd Half Heroes Nolan Ryan remain in the pool.

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