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The roster news has been really positive for ESBC overall, but two boxers who will not make it into eSports Boxing Club are Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. Prince details the why in our latest video.


The stadium creator feature is already feeling like a big win for SDS, and we hope it’s as full featured as it seems it will be when we get a better look at in MLB The Show 21. In the meantime, Brian comes through in his latest video for OS to discuss 15 ballparks he would like to see the community create.


The Madness is in the air — no not that Madness. I’m talking about March Madness. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament and the field of 68 get started tonight, and while the tourney is off to a bit of a rough start with COVID protocols, it should still be fun to have the bracket back after a year off. With that in mind, Matt is here with his latest video ranking the top 5 college basketball video games of all time.


We posted our RBI Baseball 21 review last night, but if you just want some raw gameplay, Brian has you covered here with a game between the Cubs and Mets.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

madden nfl 21 free agent roster for ps5With an active first day of NFL free agency in the books, some folks out there might be chomping at the bit to play with some new faces in new places. If you have been holding out before using J.J. Watt with the Cardinals or Matthew Stafford with the Rams, then this Madden 21 free agent roster for PS5 from UnFadeable23 might hit the spot.

madden 21 xbox free agent custom rosterOn the PS5 side of things, we have shared a community roster, so now let’s head to the Xbox side of things. For the record, I do not own an Xbox right now so I could not pull info from the roster myself, but it’s the one the community is gravitating most towards right now so I’ll take their word for it here. So if you’re looking for a Madden 21 free agent roster for Xbox One (and Xbox Series X via CFM), then read on below.

When will Tom Brady retire is just one of those questions that seemingly does not have a definitive answer. There are some gigantic questions that have been grappled with for ages now by experts and philosophers, and yet even the wisest sages are still unable to come up with any perfect answer to these great mysteries.

home runs in mlb the showLater today we’re going to get a look at how fielding is changing in MLB The Show 21 via the latest SDS feature premiere. Yesterday, we also got some answers to pitching and hitting questions for the upcoming edition of The Show. However, I thought it might be good to look back through the history of the series to remember how far we’ve come, and also to see how the presentation behind home runs has evolved through the years. This is why the latest video from Video Games Evolution is hitting at the right time to me.

nfl 2k21 modNFL 2K5 super fan LostsouL (packers on the OS forums), is hard at work with the rest of a team working on an NFL 2K5 mod that is updating the graphics, textures, menus, and the overall look of a timeless classic. The team is first working on the Green Bay Packers, and the Packers are about 90 percent done at this point.


features in ea sports college footballThe community has been chatting a lot about what it wants to see in EA Sports College Football whenever it finally releases. It’s an enjoyable thread, and by all means continue to add to it. I thought this might be a fun topic to highlight since we’re going to be in this quiet part of development cycle for quite some time. On top of that, I’ve written about all I can for now about EA’s college football game both here and here, and so I’m now waiting to get substantive legal or development updates before writing more.

mlb the show 21 grady sizemoreWe won’t go too in-depth on every new indicator, but the route-to-ball indicator shown above is basically there to detail the exact line your fielder should run on. The focus here is important because now being imperfect seemingly won’t lead you into as many situations where you’re doing circles around a ball on the ground (in tandem with some other changes we’ll mention), but you should have a better idea why you misplayed the fielding opportunity.

rbi baseball 21 reviewMLB Advanced Media is now on its eighth release of its R.B.I. Baseball franchise, and while the series has seen incremental improvement over the years, the series has struggled to resonate with the video game baseball community. This brings us to R.B.I. Baseball 21 and my first time reviewing this franchise for OS.

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