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Matt gives us a detailed look at all of the released information on WWE 2K22, as well as some perspective and potential predictions related to the final product expected to release later this fall. 2K has said the studio will be more open with information as we get closer to release, so expect more videos from Matt in the coming months.


In this video, Prince delivers the latest update on ESBC, which is set for early access this summer. Prince breaks down the latest updates, which includes references to 230 licenses for boxers, trainers, cutmen, promoters, and networks. Also, eSports Boxing Club folks discussed the haymaker system and other gameplay updates, which we covered here originally. We’re going to continue to keep an eye on ESBC as it heads towards early access launch this summer.

Operation Sports Featured Articles

SRX: The Game ReviewAs with any racing game, the driving model is of the utmost importance, and thankfully SRX does a wonderful job of recreating the on-track experience for the player. The game offers four different types of racing styles that include the likes of sprint car, stadium truck, late model, and of course the official SRX racing league itself with the official vehicle. What I enjoyed so much about what the developers have delivered here is that each series and each vehicle drives differently. Therefore, it requires your approach to be different. There is absolutely a period of adjustment when I left the Sprint car series and took on the challenge of the next series in line, which would be the Stadium Truck series.

E3 PES 2022Around this time of year, video game soccer news is normally hard to come by. That being said, we’ve been getting spoon fed tiny soccer morsels in the form of club partnerships. With the postponed Euros and Copa America tournaments kicking off soon, any news from Konami or EA is usually that extra gravy on top, especially considering how Konami skipped out on E3 this year. That said, seemingly appearing out of the blue, Konami sat down with Play Magazine to talk about what’s in store for PES 2022, including the graphics and move to the Unreal Engine. As usual, the PES community went into full-on panic mode like only they can do. Now that the community has had time to react, it’s our time to sink our teeth into what was said and let cooler heads prevail.

June Daily Moments Program Prime Zach BrittonThe June Daily Moments program is setting up much like the May program did with two new evolution players and a solid diamond near the end of the month. For June, we’re getting an Evolution Ozzie Smith and Evolution Gary Carter, plus the Prime Zach Britton reliever card that we’ve gotten familiar with over the years. That Britton card has had very “meta” years and others where it’s not as en vogue, but this time around it will be free to find out whether it’s worth using or not.

3rd Inning Program guide mlb the show 21The 3rd Inning Program launched today in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty. The bosses are as stacked as ever, but the structure of the program has changed a bit this time around. There is less of a focus on quantity of players and more of a focus on quality of players this go around. The final reward will stay the same here with a Live series player between 85-89 being the closing reward at 650,000 XP. This new program will end 28 days from now, and the three new bosses will be available at 350,000 XP.

f1 2021 screenshots

The second I fired up this year’s newest version of F1, the difference in the control system and the weight of the race car was dramatic. The difference in how the car felt and the “heaviness” of the car that came through the analog control system versus F1 2020 was pronounced. Not only could I feel the weight differential permeating the control system, but it was also extremely noticeable when controlling the car through multiple styles of turns and corners. The impact that this new inclusion creates while racing on the track is amplified in a way that will force veterans of the series to readjust and relearn how to control the race car.

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