Sony announces new DualSense PS5 controller colors: Cosmic Red, Midnight Black

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release its PlayStation 5 DualSense controller in two new color schemes in June: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

The new black DualSense controller “features two subtly different shades of black with light grey detailing to reflect how we view space through the night sky,” while the red version is “inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos,” said Isabelle Tomatis, senior director of PSVR, esports, peripherals marketing, and licensing at SIE, in a PlayStation Blog post. Both controllers feature “a subtle blue hue, that produces unique shades of red and black,” designer Satoshi Aoyagi said.

Of course, the main draw here is having alternatives to the standard white-and-black DualSense controller that shipped with the PS5 in November.

Pre-orders for the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black controllers are available at Sony’s PlayStation Direct website. The Midnight Black DualSense is priced at $69.99 (the same price as the original DualSense controller), while the Cosmic Red DualSense costs $74.99. Both controllers have a release date of June 11.

Check out hi-res images of Sony’s new Cosmic Red and Midnight Black DualSense controllers below.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 DualSense controller in Cosmic Red

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s PlayStation 5 DualSense controller in Midnight Black

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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