Someone built an extremely accurate recreation of their apartment in virtual reality

If you play the VR and bumping into you on the couch while in the middle of a zombie wasteland, you know how strange feeling. It breaks your brain and temporarily break the illusion. However, if each object in a virtual reality to match a real world object, and can essentially”feel”of the game you play? That’s what someone creates, it looks wild.

Greg Madison Former magician and current as a designer of the space calculation. Recently, he uploaded a video he wants to explore a virtual apartment on YouTube. But this virtual reality level is based on his actual living space, down to each corner, on the couch, and counter.

It took Madison over 22 hours of mode, his apartment using a modeling program Model. The model he created was highly accurate, which has taken a lot of work. “The most time-consuming part of this 22 hour have taken the measurements, in order to have a 2mm accuracy,”says Madison. After modeling his pad, he then moved it into unity, and be able to explore it in virtual reality.

The end result of all this hard work and time is something Madison says is difficult to explain to those who have not experienced. He described the sensation of walking in VR space exactly match your real world environment as”surprising.”

“This is like life Wake-up dream sleep…here everything becomes possible.”

It seems to have the impression a lot of people. Video sharing. It currently has more than 80k”top”.

The real purpose of the VR apartment is not just for fun but he plans on using this space in the future to test out more ideas for how to use the real world space to virtual reality applications. You can see some of this on display in his video. On one point he patted him on the couch the world of virtual reality, the equivalent of his real-world couch. The use of this virtual button is placed in one of the entity objects to create a floating TV on the screen of virtual reality, let him watch YouTube.

“I want to inspire developers and designers, think out of the box and pushing the boundaries of the terms of use; can reach the border,”explained Madison. He believes that this type of VR technology and use the rate as just one part of a bigger and better future. He also hoped that the VR company, in order to better support these types of works, to make it more easy for people to build such things.

“There are many creators out there, who are waiting on this, pushing these platforms to the next level.”

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