Sean Bean will be the narrative of the Red Death of Civ6 in the next update

Before next week’s community update, the final attack has revealed some of the content of communications VI. Heralding the start of Season 2 of Civilization VI: the Red Death, the member will have two new-style don’t play around with the model when the update rolls out, Game Of Thrones actor Sean Bean is lending his dulcet tones to the strategy game mode.

New to factions of aliens and zombies. Appropriately enough, zombie means all combat units just piles of undead control by the brain in the jar, who can be the enemy into mindless Walking Dead. You just need to be careful, because all the carrion smell of the zombies hurt. Aliens, then, have a nice stealth ability to sneak around enemies, or escape a difficult situation. They have health regeneration, and therefore does not take any prisoners if you’re in the opposition end.

All factions will have new unique abilities, in Season 2, although the accompanying development update there is no detail in any of these time. Most importantly, though, Sean Bean will now tell you of skirmishes of the Red Death The Toxic Storm, having before described the basis of the game, making each round feel like its own great fantasy story.

A few developers go through the other bits and Bob, this will be changed in the update. Some loopholes were closed, as more and more temple bonus lot of people, and can be repeated within the area of this same city.


A free society part of the update, the ongoing new field pass, with a road map, has been extended to March 2021. Future updates, with June 25.

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