Regulator of the weight of the action on Facebook in plans of integration of the state of Instagram, and Messenger

(Reuters)—The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is considering asking the court to prevent Facebook Forward Plan of action, to the state of Instagram and messenger company, The Wall Street Journal last Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Facebook shares closed 2. 7 per cent, lower, reflecting fears of a potential regulatory move could be a step toward forcing the company to sell the app to the app Instagram, it is the rapid growth of the acquisition.

Facebook have plans to allow users to unit Messenger, the application of a direct communication system within Instagram to communicate with each other, end-to-end encryption will be extended for three services.

A familiar problem to say, the United States Federal Trade Commission did not require Facebook to stop the integration, one step, usually before the legal challenge. The Wall Street Journal said the U.S. Federal Trade Commission files can be used for an injunction to stop the integration as early as January.

In addition to the antitrust issues, Facebook and other technology giants face criticism over privacy mistakes, how they deal with a lot of consumer data, and the blame happens vibration the American political environment.

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission declined to comment.

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced plans in March will Facebook The Information Services part of the proposal towards more private forms of social network.

Zuckerberg’s integrated strategy reflects the importance of Instagram start such as Facebook’s flagship app struggles to attract young users in the company’s most profitable market.

Instagram ads driving much of Facebook’s revenue growth, while the company is slowly moving to make money from the app, it has ballooned to a User Group 1. 5 million people since its worth 22 billion dollar acquisition in 2014.

The performance has been integrated to a certain extent, the user can move their accounts and advertising customers to use a system of advertising in different platforms.

The encryption communication system will limit Facebook to be able to see the content of user messages, but the company did not disclose whether the integration plan may deepen other types of data sharing between the units.

Facebook, the letter companies of the Google, the company and Apple face antitrust investigation of the judiciary and the House Judiciary Committee.

The US Federal Trade Commission is also known as survey Facebook, while a group of countries, the lawyer is always playing on Facebook and Google.

The United States Attorney General William Barr said that last Tuesday, he hopes to have the judiciary investigate the large technology platform next year.

Barr said the Justice Department review, is not limited to antitrust, however, looking for anti-competitive behavior”front and center.”

(Report by Ayanti in Bangalore Bella, Katie Paul in California and Diane Bartz in Washington; Editing by Shailesh Cooper, Leslie Adler and Richard Chang)

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