PS5 user interface revealed – Polygon

With four weeks to go until launch, Sony has finally offered a look at the PlayStation 5’s revamped user interface and user experience in a nearly 12-minute video and accompanying blog post.

The PlayStation 5 will come with some major user upgrades when Sony launches it on Nov. 12. The new Control Center pops up with a press of the PlayStation button, and offers players some key console options without ever suspending the game.

The new Activities feature is a kind of beacon for developers to point players toward objectives. Via a picture-in-picture mode, players can jump to different levels or see their in-game progress without going back to the PlayStation 5’s menu.

For example, one of the Activities cards for Sackboy: A Big Adventure tells the player they have 10 minutes left in their current mission. Another card offers the name of another level, letting players immediately jump to something new.

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