Ps4 sales reach 110. 4 million

As its financial results today, Sony revealed the life of the sales ps4 has passed 110. 4 million USD.

This number is 108. 9 million. PS4 came out back in 2013. Today, the console on the last paragraph, you 5 release later this year.

In the last financial quarter from January to March, Sony sold 1. 5 million ps4 machines. This is from the 2. 6 million machines, Sony moved during the same period last year, showing how sales of the PS4 are slowing down of many held for the update of the hardware. But the PS4 is not complete. The main exclusive like the last of us the second part and the Ghost horse is released this summer.

PlayStation4 has been a big hit, becoming the No. 2 best-selling home console of all time. Behind it was Game 2, which sold about 155 million machines. Sadly the PS4, it looks unlikely to by its older brother.

Perhaps this is a task PS5. Although the cable acknowledges, the current pandemic has been”presented some challenges,”the new console is still set to launch this holiday season.

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