Prince Harry and Prince William issue joint statement on their turbulent relationship

Britain’s Prince Harry and his brother Prince William issued a joint statement on their relationship on Monday in a rare signature of public unity, because the news broke out, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, splitting their time between the UK and North America to bid to become”financially independent”and step down a senior member of the Royal family.

“Despite the clear denial, a false story ran in a British newspaper today to guess the relationship between the Sussex, the Duke and the Duke of Cambridge,”the statement, issued jointly by the spokesman of the brothers, the read. “The brothers care so deeply about the issues around mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful.”

‘The brothers care so deeply about the issues around mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful.’

—Joint statement of the UK Sussex the Duke and the Duke of Cambridge

An article in the Sunday Times said the Sussexes feel they are on the receiving end of a”bullying”attitude of Prince William. “If you are Megan and Harry and you have two years of constantly being told your place, constantly bullied, because they will see it, and constantly being told what you can’t do that, Megan has thought of, this is just nuts. Why would anyone put up with this?'”

The comment was made by a source in the vicinity of the two brothers, they had to work with mental-health initiatives and their wives. These four people were regularly referred to as the”factory four.” Harry, William, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth it was reported that the Monday meeting to discuss the impact of the Royal feud, and agreed the logistics Sussexes become mixed the Royal family members.

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Writing in the Sunday Times, Tom Bradby, who directed the ITV movie,”Harry&Megan: African Journey”, which aired in the United States Disney

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ABC last year, alleged that the couple plans to move to North America may have been leaked by Buckingham Palace. “It provides an indication of how toxic and frankly Machiavelli of the Modern Family of Windsor has become”.

Bradby allegedly unfriendly atmosphere, effectively forcing the Sussexes to leave”the company”as the House of Windsor is referred to as the British media. “It is very clear to me from the dialogue of both sides, this outlet can satisfy everyone, at least in terms of narrow self-interest,”Bradby added. “However, there is no doubt that Harry and Megan feel like they’ve been driven out.”

Harry and Markel, and his American-born wife, announced on Instagram

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On Wednesday, they will”work in economic independence”and moved to overseas. Markel left Canada last Thursday, but the report said she may join the emergency summit by phone. Harry is expected to join his wife, when he had finished hashing out a deal on their new life in Canada and the United States

The newspaper reported that the Queen’s”disappointment”with their announcement, and asked the couple to hold on to release a statement about their plans before the financial, logistical and public relations strategy of all the work. Because of their participation, Markle has been processing the news reports have described some of the overt and covert racist.

(The Sunday Times owned by News UK a subsidiary of News Corporation, the parent company of Dow Jones, with the market.)

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