Pressured by Simmons Over Exposé, Oprah Winfrey Faced a Big Decision

In one online video, Mr. Simmons discussed how to challenge the credibility of the women asked,”how many times they go to prison, a mental hospital, they were accused of five or more people, is what their father said the words.”

He added:”the question is not asked before, can now ask and our sister may be embarrassed.”

Sil Lai Abrams, who accused Mr. Simmons of raping her in 1994, said she that”mental hospital”line to call her; the day after the alleged attack, she said, she tried to commit suicide. “He used the very dark tactics to intimidate and terrorize me and other people,”she said in an interview.

Dixon Ms. feel targeted on the father. A few weeks ago, she said that her father contacted an old acquaintance, Yolanda Callaway, and asked him whether Dixon Ms. ever falsely accused anyone of sexual activity. The meeting rattled Dixon lady, who said she immediately suspected that Mr. Simmons is behind it.

“He is trying to suppress our voices again,”she said.

Ms. parsley, a long-term political Executive in Washington, acknowledged that she met with Mr. Dixon, Ms. his father, Clinton, a former City Council member. She added:”this session I have with anyone is none of your business.” Dixon Ms. representative,Anne Walker Marchant, she said, she called the Callaway lady asked her if she was for Mr. Simmons, and the Callaway lady replied:”He is my friend.”

Winfrey said she got her the attention of filmmakers with an ultimatum.

“We need to turn from Sundance until we can give ourselves a chance to re-equip this movie,”Winfrey said she told them,”or I’m going to put my name.”

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