Practice your swing with this golf simulator on sale

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Play on realistic simulations of world-famous golf courses.
Play on realistic simulations of world-famous golf courses.

Image: Phigolf

TL;DR: Work on your golf skills from home with the PhiGolf home golf simulator, on sale as of May 29 for $189.97 — a 23% discount. 

Golfers around the world all have one thing in common: They despise rain. The weather can really put a damper on a round of golf, especially when you’ve waited all winter to get back out on the course. That’s where the PhiGolf home golf simulator can save the day.

Successfully funded on Indiegogo with over $200,000, the PhiGolf simulator and swing stick allow you to play golf all year round, no matter the weather, from practically anywhere.

It’s kind of like a video game, except the swing stick trainer is your controller. As you swing (just as you would on the course), the built-in sensor recreates your real-world performance on the screen, measuring your accuracy and strength.

Once you download the WGT app, you’ll be able to mirror your smartphone or tablet screen onto your TV or projector for an immersive playing experience. You can select from breathtaking photorealistic simulations of world-famous golf courses and even enter multiplayer mode, where you can duke it out on a virtual course against other players. 

Play a round with friends, compete with strangers across the globe, or just enjoy a solo round where you work on perfecting your form. Either way, you’ll be improving your swing and stamina no matter what the weather decides to do outside. 

Here’s a glimpse of the PhiGolf simulator in action:


The simulator is usually $249, but for Memorial Day weekend, the price has dropped to just $189.97. That’s nearly $60 in savings — be sure to act fast if you want to get the deal.

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