Porsche and Lucas Films Company co-designed a new fighter to the Star Wars universe.

Porsche’s usually the problem itself and the ground of the vehicle design, but a new project, it is working with Lucasfilm designers in collaboration on a new fighter to the Star Wars universe.

The starfigher, known as the three-wing S-91x Pegasus, apparently without the presence of a sufficient scale to be of the form, but it is established as a 5-foot highly detailed model, which will be launched in The rising of the Skywalker Premiere in La this month.

Note that the S-91x actually not be In Movie–this is more of design work and promotional thing than something that is actually designed to provided in the narrative of the Star Wars universe content. However, the cooperation is interesting because it combines Porsche Feelings and direct design inspiration from the company’s 911 and Taycan real-world vehicles, authentic Lucasfilm Touches like a astromech slot behind the cockpit of some of the’life in the’detailed industry to see the Star Wars universe technology.

Porsche’s designers and even zero or more cockpit comfort and ergonomics of this spacious three-seat design, which is more than you can say, for who created the congestion and the very severe internal X-Wing, or potential combat manoeuvres cabin lighting based fighter cockpit.

No pricing, but a fully equipped model and trim level is the highest set you back quite a lot of credit. Over the use of a Corellian YT-1300 freighter that’s for sure.

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