‘Police’is to cancel the most important network after 33 seasons

After 33 seasons in the air,”cops”has been deleted, by the most important networks as the protests against police spread across the world.

“The police is not the most important of the network, we do not have any current or future plans to return,”a spokeswoman for the cable channel said in a statement Tuesday.

The show has been pulled temporarily from the air in late May, when protests aimed at police death of George Floyd start growth momentum. This move is permanent Tuesday.

It is unclear whether the company, let show, Langley Productions, will try to find a new home. Voice mail in a company’s phone number is not accepting information.

Reality shows, with its well-known reggae theme song”Bad Kids”allows the viewer along with the RCMP police in patrolling in various cities.

It ran on the Fox network for 25 years, until 2013, when the Viacom-owned Spike TV picked it up. The display is left in the air after the tip has been re-named as the most important network in 2018.

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