Plague of 2 of Season 2 will begin this week and a test

The first season of the plague on 2 of the winds of magic wrapped up a month ago, and Season Two has not started yet. While Fatshark initial plan at the launch of Season 2 this month, in the Studio spent time working on some of the more basic questions in the plague of the 2. Now, it is ready to invite the members of the limited test why waiting for the next season, which will begin this week and run into next month.

Season 2 will consist of three free map–rework levels, from Drachenfels DLC for the original plague: the end of time. In the test phase, in which the 16 January, including the first, as well as the revision of the weave mode of the game players who own wind magic DLC and evening for Roch Mall–shops where you can buy cosmetics in use of the game soft currency earn daily and weekly challenges. This will serve as”a limited experience”in the testing phase.

The first re-design of Longyan map is the so-called old problems, it started a new little storyline in our brave hero back to the castle Drachenfels investigation of a new entity is taken to be interested in the site.

At the start of the Test 16, and run through an unspecified date in December, at this point of the season will be the plague on 2 of the main branch. The test itself, Fatshark said, ready to due to player feedback during an experimental branch, went live in Patch 2. 0. 15.

“Thank you for the test, and give us all your feedback,”the developers write in a’letter to the society on’release on 9. “This is perfect? No, but thank you for all the reports and comments, and we work towards it and hope that with your input, we can give you an experience that you can rely on and have a blast attacking the corrupt guys in place.”

While the plague of 2 has launched a test version of its 4v4’with’mode, at its core, it is still a cooperative game that is on our list of the best co-op game PC.

Fatshark will be on how to join the test when it goes live this week.

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