Pennsylvania lawmakers tell Governor to resign or face impeachment

Butler County Republican Party of the Republic of Daryl Metcalfe asked. Tom Wolf following last Thursday before the Legislature to pursue impeachment.

Since then, the Wolf and the Ministry of Health to tighten restrictions on bars and restaurants in the surge COVID-19 situation.

“Following the disgrace and struggle that you have to put in the country, we request you to save us to further conflict in the resignation of your own accord,”Metcalf in a letter to the management office. “You further authoritarian decision, as yesterday, only strengthen our resolve.”

Metcalf, one of the most outspoken GOP members of the Wolves of the processing of the coronavirus epidemic, the administration of the severe closed and ongoing mitigation efforts must be strengthened to support the articles of impeachment he introduced by House Resolution 915 last month.

“By you to perform your actions have endangered the lives and livelihoods of the Pennsylvania all walks of life,”he said. “Have you followed the rule of law, to grant co-equal branches of government, respect for the Constitution, and recognized the need for the consent of the governed, and the confusion of Orwellian predicament we currently face can be avoided.”

There are about 25 members signed the resolution, although it has languished in the House Judiciary Committee since June 23.

The Center Square is reached the administration to comment on the letter, but received no response. Harris Kensinger, Wolf’s spokesman, dismissed the impeachment provisions as a political King in a media statement last month.

“In the last week, House Republicans continued efforts of the division of Federal and score cheap political point rather than taking the challenge before, they are serious,”she said. “This is just the latest example of House Republicans wasting time instead of helping to protect Pennsylvania in this public health crisis.”

This is not the first Chapter of impeachment can be made against the wolf in his six-year term. Did not come up for a vote, despite the long lasting and strong conservative majority in the House of Representatives.

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