Operation rock Wallaby rainy season food on the wildlife hurt forest fires

This is sweet potatoes and carrots to the rescue of the wildlife of New South Wales.

Such as raging forest fires continue to decimate the animal populations of Australia, the rescue effort to save the survivors of the install. The estimated number of deaths in any place of millions to billions(although, the accuracy of these figures is up for debate), and hundreds of thousands still stranded in their burned environment.

Which is mainly Wallabies, the population has been at risk before the fires start.

“Kangaroo usually survive the fire itself, but then being stranded with limited natural food of the fire protection needs of the vegetation surrounding the rock habitat,”said energy and Environment Minister Matt Keane in an interview The Daily Mail. “Kangaroo has been under pressure from the ongoing drought, making survival challenging the Wallabies did not help.”

Enter”operation rock Wallaby.”

Dumping thousands of kilos of vegetables over the Australian wilderness, volunteers and environmental officials are putting the resources of the animal chain by the fires by helicopter.

Each report, from Australia’s 9News, this is one of the most extensive efforts to a method of providing food areas, including Kangaroo Valley, Capertee and the root of the valley, as well as numerous national parks.

Again say to the The Daily Mail, Kean said that the operation of the rock Wallaby will include ongoing monitoring efforts to ensure that the kangaroo’s physical and mental health. “When we can, we also set up cameras to monitor the intake of food the number and types of animals.”

Food drops will continue until these habitats to regain enough moisture and nutrition to sustain life, and efforts to manage competition in the predatory population is underway.

You can learn more about the support of Australia’s unpaid firefighters fight against a forest fire crisis, here.

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