On this day, Born September 19, 1970: Kyle Williams, UK the middle of the run

(Reuters)-six days in the period from 2004 to redefine the lives of the British middle run Kelly Holmes, however, only after her double gold medal winning display at the Athens Olympics made her pay the price you want to scale this movement the height of the real to appear.

File photo: Kelly Holmes, Olympic champion over 800 meters and 1500 meters, displaying both her gold medal minutes after she arrived at Gatwick Airport, August 30, 2004. Reuters/David Bebber/file photo

Colonel mother of Kyle Williams, he’ll turn 50 on Sunday, is now a respected mentor to young athletes, the proud recipient of numerous awards, her service to the community, and on the front line of the battle to improve mental health.

Back in 2004, as a plain old Kylie’s life is anything but glamorous, as the age of 34, she was ready for what almost certainly is her final solution to global gold.

She came close before the two World Championship silver and a bronze at the Sydney Olympics.

However, so much seems to be conspiring against her, to the majority of the British people, she seems destined to be referred to as”the former Army Sergeant and truck driver”in one of the best athletes the country has ever produced.

In her autobiography”Black, White and gold”Holmes estimates that she suffered 37 major injury in the last ten years, including rupture, tears, and stress fractures.

Whenever she put her battered body to the start line, Holmes then faced another challenge of an Eastern European culture of doping on the one hand and testosterone promote gender athletes.

Those injuries and the lack of a”level playing field”caused by psychological stress is manifested in depression and self-harm, because Sherlock Holmes has cut his daily use of the knife scissors and then scrambling desperately to hide the results.

Somehow, she had been in training, once it reaches the Athens of the injury.

On her former training partner and defending champion Maria Mutola in the 800 metres, the final, Holmes ran the perfect tactical race, storm gold.

Her wide eyes, face not believe, because she crossed the line to become an iconic image of the games, with BBC commentator Steve plug excitedly shouting:”You have won, Kelly, Yes, you’ve earned it.”

“I think things are going wrong. Something always goes wrong. This is completely untrue,”Holmes said after the results.

Five days later, running on a cloud of confidence, she roared through the field again publish a national record to win the 1,500 m and became the first Englishman to take a double Olympic gold in 84 years of the first, and still the only, British woman to win two athletics gold medals.

Has been crowned BBC Sports Personality of the year, she retired in 2005 and threw her energy into motivating the next generation, forming”the camp of Kylie”sports camp training juvenile athletes.

Made a mother by the Queen and a Colonel by her before the mission, Holmes continues to use her public figure to speak out about the challenges of mental health, revealed details of her secret self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

She has written several books, worked as a government”school sports champion”and keep the needs of the incentive language.

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These days, but her theme is less about what happened in Athens in the of what front.

“I have been to the lowest point to the highest point and everything in between,”she told The Guardian last year at the launch of her widely acclaimed of mental health podcast.

“This shows we can through life and struggle and still actually achieve. If this is to give other people this will be very good.”

Reporting by Mitch Phillips; Editing by Ken Ferris

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