Not all will work

Error information propagation speed is faster than the Cov, it is important to remain vigilant as we try to stay healthy. With the demand of hand sanitizer so high, not all products are equally effective to kill bacteria and keep us safe.

According to the Center for Disease Control, hand sanitizer should be at least 60%alcohol, especially if you apply it correctly as a substitute for washing hands when necessary(but if you can wash your hands, determine to do) to. However, a large number of alcohol hand disinfectant sold out or in high demand on Amazon, and this means that customers purchase and use them, even if they do not work.

Even the popular brands, such as hand washing and reproductive-X sometimes is the use of chlorobenzene instead of alcohol,it is rarely effective to kill human coronavirus than alcohol, according to a recent study the best way to sterilize in the new outbreak. ProPublica noted that many of the labeled products available online don’t list whether the product is alcohol, this means that the customer won’t know until they pay hundreds of dollars to get and read the label.

Hand washing is still the most highly recommended method to fend off bacteria and prevent its spread. Hand disinfectant with alcohol is an option, but only if used correctly. This means that the scrubbing hand was on the two hands completely and let them dry. Still, hand sanitizer may not eliminate a lot of dirt and grease or harmful metals and chemicals, according to the CDC. Consuming hand sanitizer in any way is harmful.

By the way, most of the drinking alcohol is not valid, unless they are at least 180 proof(which might ruin a cocktail party, anyway).

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