Nintendo has confirmed about 160 000 account may have been hacked

Hello, welcome Again the replay, wired to the weekly roundup of video game news. This week, we’ve got a black, you should know that the delay, as well as some cool new technology. Let’s get to it.

Nintendo confirmed a very significant hack attempts

Earlier today, Nintendo confirmed that a recent hack attempt on its system compromised the login ID and password of the approximately 160 000 Nintendo Network identity account. In the hack, the company temporarily disabled not able to login in the Nintendo account through the NNID system, the system, in the intricate world on the Nintendo account authentication, there is only one way to do so. We would love to explain in more detail, but, honestly, we don’t know Nintendo’s online infrastructure.

It is important takeaway you account may have been compromised. Although Nintendo plans to notify the affected account holders by email, and everyone should be possible to take steps to change their Nintendo token and set up two-factor authentication, if they haven’t already. Oh, and if you haven’t got a password Manager, this is another reminder to do this.

My world A light track of now, which is quite cool

The new Hotness in the high-tech graphics, today is the ray tracing method, which crates the vivid lighting effect of the algorithm, showing the light, and then simulate how it will be with the digital object(reflection shadow, etc.). This is a realistic, beautiful, and demanding, which makes any game, you can achieve the art of the auto art show. The latest? My world.

Yes:what just launched a test of the technology, the other has been working to implement. This is a major new visual dynamic of the game, it makes the voxel world looks absolutely arresting. If you want to see Ray Tracing, you will need a graphics card that supports it—most do not, at this point–but it is amazing to play around with. My world Seems unlikely choice for such a show, but a relatively simple job in the world in its favor here. No intermediate results, you can see just how impressive this technology.

Hanged‘s PC release is delayed until July

Hanged Is a game about a world ravaged by a strange unknown force, so that most people are trapped in isolated settlements, while they rely on the group’s improper compensation for the delivery of work of the workers risking their lives, to bring them the necessary goods and make sure that they have a connection to the outside world. (This is a sentence that has we worried about the Director Hideo Kojima is some kind of strange game the prophet of The Wizard.) In other words, Hanged Is a strange is the right video game to play during the Cov pandemic. Unfortunately, if you want to play with the computer, you have to wait a bit longer.

As Rock Paper Shotgun reports, under the same conditions, Hanged Eerily reflect will now will cause the game to be delayed. Due to the interruption of the standard workflow caused by the transition from the family setting, it seems, the small island making the choice to push the release back to July 14. The extra time will allow for more polishing of the final product, it certainly can’t hurt.

Recommendations: Final Fantasy VII Through the level of the messenger in ps4, Nintendo Switch and the computer

So heavy to shoot out of, it is pretty good. Very good, in fact. But this is only one part of a much longer story. Although the remake Final Fantasy VII May not follow this plot exactly, it is still a worthwhile experience and thinking. Which makes it mighty convenient with lots solid ports is selected as the original, including a fully functional Nintendo Switch the version, help and fast forward functions. The PS4 version has fast forward, while the PC version only the character booster. Anyway, if you want to experience the game without hunting for the original game, there are a lot of ways to do it. And those pre-rendered backgrounds are still really rad to see.

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