New document shows FBI to use the Trump a candidate briefing to advance the Russian probe

The document is the latest of a series of publication of the Ratcliffe to the Republicans in Congress seek to support the call by the king and his allies, the United States FBI investigation of Trump is politically motivated and corrupt.

Agents’decisions monitoring the purpose of the briefing seems to be to collect information from Trump’s closest Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn attended the briefing with Trump’s, then-New Jersey Chris Christie, who is Trump’s transition team, the leadership at the time. Flynn is code for”Crossfire razor”by the investigators, and the title of the document, including reference to his case. At that time, the Kingdom has recently secured the Republican presidential nomination.

The summary indicates that the agent coordinating the briefing, Joe Pientka—and one of the agents later interviewed Flynn for a few days after Trump’s inauguration in 2017—pay particular attention to any mention of, ACE or Flynn by Russia.

“The[intelligence]briefings, the writer actively listened to the theme or related issues of the Russian Federation,”Pientka wrote.

Although a few mentioned Russia, it is unclear whether the members of the method made any sense. At one point, Trump’s briefing who said that Chinese and Russian intelligence agents working in the United States the King interjected a question:”Joe, is Russia bad”because they have more digital is them than Chinese?”

“The writer replied that the two countries are bad,”Pientka wrote.

Trump also asked Which country, Russia or China, and worse when it comes to violations of the nuclear test ban. According to Pientka, Short replied:”They are bad, but Russia is much worse.”

“The ACE and Tim turned to each other and the Christie, commented,’I was shocked'”Pientka wrote.

The file, date. 30,2016 years, written two weeks after the ACE briefing and a month later, the FBI opened a crossfire hurricane of the investigation. It is via a probe lead agent, Peter Strzok, which is the inverse of the ACE text message during the campaign has caused Trump’s request, the investigation was a”hoax.”

It is also approved by the FBI’s Attorney Kevin Clinesmith, he has been accused by the Justice Department monitoring the main of tampering with e-mail, which is used to obtain a surveillance order against the former Trump’s campaign adviser Carter Page.

Pientka at the same time pay attention to the briefings also decryption. They include a General outline of the topics discussed.

At the briefing, FBI officials warning signs, the foreign agent may try to close his accomplices, including family, friends, and activities staff. Although the Pope said he was never explicitly warned that the FBI’s concerns, some of his closest aides was leaked, including Flynn and campaign Manager Paul Manafort—the file indicates, he and his team are given a General warning about the possibilities.

During the discussion of a number of Foreign Intelligence, Flynn mentioned that he was responsible for signal intelligence, in his time at the end of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Pientka replied that this should give him a good sense of the abilities other than the power that can be deployed against the United States.

“Trump then said,’Yes, I understand this is a dark time'”Pientka described. “‘Nothing is safe on computers anymore. We are locked in a safe in a room. Now, anyone can get. My son is ten years old. He has a computer and we put in a word. Within ten minutes he broke the code word.'”

In addition to information about the Trump’s first intelligence briefing, Ratcliffe on Thursday, decrypted on a series of emails between Pientka and Strzok, which Strzok requirements, counterintelligence agent is included in a future briefing.

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