Needed: Project management tools for the remote Apple enterprise

If your business has migrated to Macs and/or iPhone/iPad, then you may be searching for a powerful project management solution to replace MS Project, particularly to support remote teams. Here’s some info that should help.

WFH means project planning is critical

The truism is that getting the best out of even the most well-chosen and motivated remotely distributed teams requires big investments in project planning. After all, when people aren’t present, team leaders must take responsibility for breaking overall tasks down into achievable deliverables.

With a flood of users migrating to Mac and iOS, I’m taking an interest in project management solutions for the new Apple enterprise. I spoke briefly with Antoni Cherif about why ProjectWizards and its Merlin Project software can be part of the toolkit for stressed-out managers attempting to figure out how to get on top of hybrid working environments.

Merlin Project isn’t the only game in town for Apple users; you can look to Wrike, MeisterTask, Zoho Project, and other solutions already jostling for your attention.

Software to support project management and team collaboration is benefiting from the move to remote enterprise. It’s a segment of the market expected to hit a CAGR of 10.67% into 2026, jumping from $5.37 billion in 2020 to$ 9.81 billion.

I’m planning to take a closer look at project management solutions (including Merlin) in future, so if you develop professional project management software for both Mac and iOS, let me know.

Almost 20 years working remotely

Cherif claims one serious advantage of his recently updated solution, in that his company eats its own dog food.

“We’ve been a remote company since 2002 and therefore we are very experienced in working from home,” he said.

“Since we use Merlin Project ourselves, we developed it to best suit our needs. This has helped us during the pandemic, and we think there will be a greater shift toward working from home in future,” he said.

The latter is good news for the developer, given that Merlin Project is designed to support project planning, executio,n and communication – in other words, it’s made for the specific challenge of managing remotely distributed teams and is already in use in critical enterprises.

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