Microsoft’s new Surface notebook is a grab bag of bad decisions

It’s also nice to see Microsoft updating the surface, give it a bigger screen and LTE connectivity, while maintaining a small piece of a very cute, compact size. We can’t tell how it will perform in real life, but the go to 2 there is a slightly faster processor than its predecessor. It also starts at $ 399, although at the grassroots level, you only get a slow Pentium Gold of the processor. For a more capable Core M3, you will need to shell out at least $ 500. Throw in LTE and we see $ 730. That’s not even counting the additional $ 100 to $ 120 you will have to pay for the keyboard attachment. God, Microsoft.

Surface to 2


The decision does not end there. Microsoft also introduced the long-awaited Surface Book 3 this week. This is a 13-15 inch detachable laptop that Microsoft says is”the most powerful of the surface of the laptop” in. A smaller version with the Intel Quad-Core i5 or i7 with the Iris Plus the integrated graphics and a separate non-1660, which is its size. Indeed, Dell is able to squeeze the six core CPU to the exquisite small; although 13 last year, but Apple is still using core processor in the 13 inch it, so we’ll let Microsoft off here.

In the 15-inch Book 3,though,you still adhere to the four core. You can touch the graphics to a selected one of the main 1660Ti or even Quadro RTX3000 people. But the Quad core CPU is embarrassing when compared to the competition. In it’s 16 inches, for example, with a six or eight core options, and Dell; although 15 all six of the core composition.

One of the biggest reasons is Microsoft having a deal of trouble lies in the surface of the book 3 design. Since this is a removable tablet device processor has been buried in behind the screen, so that it can continue to run, even if in addition to the keyboard. It also needs some battery power, in addition to things like the speaker and the connectivity of the components. At the same time the keyboard half is the discrete GPU and more battery lies.

Table 3 book


Because of the limited space behind the display, Microsoft can’t squeeze in one more core. The surface of the book’s design is unique, sure, but the entire proposition is flawed: who’s looking for a powerful machine in the form of a 15-inch tablet? Big Book 3 will be much better if Microsoft desired it as a convertible rather than a tablet stuck to a keyboard, and give it a better processor.

It’s a shame that it’s been almost three years since Book 2 starts in 2017, and now it was here, Book 3 is just a complex product. Yes, it’s nice we finally have an update of the mode, but considering how much progress the competition since the book 3 may be difficult to advice. Of course, we will have to wait until we fully review the device to know how it is price, but I’m not holding my breath.

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