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Hawke was late for our phone. To be fair, the man is in the tax.

“I mean, this raccoon is a Volkswagen,”Michael Horse, the actor behind Bimodal Icon, tell me by victory laugh. “I built a chicken coop guy The devil Can not escape, so this raccoon must have a bolt cutter or something. “

Nestled in his Northern California home, the horse is exciting and memorable I have details of his raccoon Rumble(and apologized many times to let me in, etc.) before the in-depth topic, we call. Before connecting with the future, the 68-year-old is already planning on Graceland cast members and fans celebrate Bimodal’30th anniversary. However, in view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the organizers have no choice but to postpone the celebration until July.

“There are two kinds of people: those who get Bimodal And the ones who don’t know.”

So now, the Eagles Yes Party me. Well, me and his cat, Carlos said he was very worried about the chicken. “Anyway,”he said with a smile,”how are you?”

In my mind, there are few things more daunting than writing about Doublet. Drops of David Lynch’s surreal sensitivity and Mark Frost’s great wisdom, the legendary show on sitting in my brain typically reserved for major questions of life: is my existence meaningful? Where does the space go? How long after the expiration date can you still drink milk?

From the original series film performances return, novels, and fan forum of the universe Bimodal Is bafflingly complex. Not just in terms of plot, but as one of TV history, life philosophy, and metaphysics of motion. When the horse told me that there are two types of people in this world”those who get Bimodal And the one who is not”—I worry for a moment, I was the latter.

“I mean, this raccoon is a Volkswagen.”

Image: courtesy of twin peaks: from Z to

Wielding my knowledge of the franchise like a shield, I beat the horse a few questions of the deepest details and Observer theory. This is a weak attempt to establish credibility in the one area no one, including the horses, really understand.

“A lot of things about Bimodal Makes no sense to me, I’m here,”he said through an audible smile. “Because it is not related to the problem. It’s about the journey.”

This is a sentiment I’ve heard Dana Ashley Brooke phone an hour before. Of course, anything is Vietcong vibration from the Eagle than Bobby Briggs—no matter how amazing he is Return Redemption arc, Yes—but this is the one-two punch to heed the two of them, let me rest assured.

“They know the show as well, and they care about David, they care about us so much. We are so, so lucky.”

“No, I don’t go down that road,”Ashley Brooke told me, make it politely clear that he would not fun for any problem related to Father of Lucy’s baby, while the social alienation, in the Catskills. “I don’t speculate things. I just leave it to the audience. That’s their job.”

Known for its game-changing role in the drama, Bimodal Not the most inviting in the world. Not only is the entire thing, build in the terrorist murder of a 17-year-old girl, but the conflict of the mysterious, Soaps and sci-fi faction that it is different from any coming before or after. This is a singular experience, not any matrix. Round hanging in a bunch of muffins.

I spent a few hours preparing for these conversations, the pain made the perfect observation Wow my theme to make my edits. It appears, I might just say hi, because this is what fans do. In particular Bimodal Fans.

“This is the sweetest, coolest, most artistic fan base of any program,”Ashley Brooks said. “For a lot of them, the display is an escape from a difficult child, difficult teenager, or in any case, a difficult life. They know the show as well, and they care about David, they care about us so much. We are so, so lucky.”

“They are so smart, they are such, they are so polite,”mA agreed. “They came to my wife’s gallery and I do not usually exist. But my wife can find them. She said they look like a deer in headlights, she said,’he is not here, but I’ll tell him you came by.'”

“Why does anyone like anything?”

We talked about the type of work the horse the wife does not, his previous home in Topanga Canyon, and the beautiful Angelo Badalamenti the Bimodal Points, which he described as being direct from the”dream world.”

With Ashley Brooke, and I asked about the audition(he didn’t really, Lin signed a Ashley Brooke casting a long time ago”day”), the other castmates he kept in contact(a whole, a lot of them, usually by text), and what about the show that makes it worth revisiting 30 years later.

“Why does anyone like anything?” His quips. “I don’t know. It strikes a chord.”

Neither actor in the hands of I key to know Doublet. We just help you warm please about this show we both liked. They are fans just like me.

Although the problem Bimodal Some haunt me well into the next 30 years, I have the confidence to say these words taught me what is really so special. Yes, it is the exquisite photography, the bright humor, pitch-perfect performances, fascinating world. But it’s also just us. Sitting in a small restaurant. Having a damn Cup of good coffee and a piece of cherry pie.

Twin Peaks Season 1 and 2 on the stream Hyacinth, Netflixthat CBS All Access. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is available for purchase or rent iTunes And Amazon. Twin Peaks: The Return can be found on the Showtime.

The entire Twin Peaks collection compilation Blu-ray in Twin Peaks: from Z to.

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