‘Little Fin’ is a Low-Poly Ocean Adventure from Neutronized that’s Launching in July and Available for Pre-Order Now – TouchArcade

Developer Neutronized aka solo developer Gionathan Pesaresi is probably best known for the fantastic Super Cat Tales games, and while there is a new mainline entry in the series in the works (as well as a very cool looking spin-off), this prolific creator has also been consistently putting out a variety of other cool games in between those big releases. The latest is an extremely adorable ocean adventure game called Little Fin. Check out the trailer.


In Little Fin you’ll explore a coral reef collecting garbage that’s polluting the ocean. You’ll be able to gobble up smaller fish to make yourself larger and burst through walls to find hidden areas. It all seems very lighthearted and fun, and together with the super chill music and underwater atmosphere it gives me vibes of the underwater levels from the classic Super Mario 64. If you enjoy the type of stuff that Neutronized puts out the you can pre-order Little Fin in the App Store right now for free and it’ll be launching on July 7th.

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