King officials and Senate GOP leaders urged the immediate action of the house-past the Cov of the bill

In a closed-door meeting Monday night, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin urged GOP senators to get behind the House bill, which has prompted the growth of the Republican Party’s concern in recent days, with senior officials warning of the economic situation is too dangerous and a threat to public health is too serious, our measures hanging in Hell days.

Asked what the Senate will do when it officially received the House bill, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN bluntly said:”through it.”

In the meeting, Mnuchin told GOP senators that he would present more details at a Tuesday lunch is about to ACE the government’s proposals for the next economic package, which may include assistance to small business and the troubled airline industry. He also told the Senator to get behind the House-passed measures, which will ensure that the personal free detection of the disease and displaced persons have the right to access paid leave, to support unemployment insurance benefits and expanded food stamps and to raise the Federal funds for Medicaid programmes.

Warning, the GOP Senator suggested: act now before it is too late.

“I don’t think we can assume that we can keep re-held Senate a week just like us this week,”said. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican Party after the conference. “I think the assumption is that we want to do something(and)it will be great, because we can not assume that we can come back here.”

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At the meeting last Monday, the Mnuchin did not detail a price tag of future economic stimulus measures, but earlier in the day, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York raised $ 750 million dollars in future plans. The Republicans did not reject these out of hand, and said that the General Assembly it may be necessary to take action in the subsequent stimulus, and once the next plan is approved. Currently, the U.S. Congress has allocated $ 8.3 billion to deal with the crisis.

“We have a real focus on urgent action,”Eric Ueland, the White House legislative Director, told a press conference meetings. “I hope you can act quickly on the consensus project”.

Ueland and Mnuchin told reporters that the House bill, which the Minister of Finance in consultation with the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, should be adopted immediately, despite concerns among some Republicans that the measure could harm small businesses.

“Once again we will be able to say a Republican lunch tomorrow about the bill, but we look forward to them to take it and pass it,”Mnuchin told reporters. “But we got a lot of work to do, the main reason why we are here tonight to say to the Senate for the other bills, they want to work on as soon as possible to solve it.”

Trump proposed changes to House bill

Fast moving developments came after the house sweep the Cov of the relief bill, which has been barreling forward in the Senate, hit a speed bump the earlier in the day in the objections by Republicans and a proposal by the President, Donald Trump, the Senate will do further modification measures.

In addition, Wang told reporters,”We are likely to add something”of the bill, despite his public recognition the measure on Friday night.

“I think they can make it even better,”Trump said of the Senate. “You see, they work in the home, the work of many of the same problems. They work to strengthen it, make it better and make it fair for everyone. This is what we want to do. Therefore, we can go back and forth to the house a little bit, but both will be in a very positive way.”

The measure, which passed the house a 363-40 vote early Saturday morning, will ensure that the personal free detection of the disease, to ensure that displaced persons have access to paid leave, to support unemployment insurance benefits and expanded food stamps and to raise the Federal funds for Medicaid programmes. Some Republicans object to certain provisions of the bill, particularly in paid leave programs and their potential impact on the enterprise in the whole country.

One of the obstacles to be removed, on Monday night. The House approved a set of changes to the Cov stimulus bill by unanimous consent, clearing a path to the Senate for consideration. Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas to withdraw his objections to the House of the’technical corrections”bill the attachment of the coronavirus to the relief package, through early Saturday morning. He allowed the measure to advance to say to the House floor after reviewing the language of the resolution changes to”make the bill better than it was when it got through.”

Last week one, Gohmert said he raised concerns two jokers and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, he also supports the House passed bill.

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“Final draft of technical change’I see is 87 pages,”Gohmert said in a statement. “I cannot, in conscience give my consent to something that has not been completed or provided to MPs prior to, it is a vote.”

These objections apparently there is a solution Monday night.

In fact, more and more Republican high-level recommendations, the Senate should quickly pass the House’s plan–and worry about the other suggestions for the next response to the crisis.

Sen. John Cornyn, a member of the Senate GOP leadership team, told CNN it was”I’m inclined to”let the House bill by the constant and focus on the next bill.

“It may be the best thing to do would be to make these changes in the next bill, because this is not the last legislation we will be through the relevant Cov,”the Texas Republican said.

“If we putz in here, we’re losing time, said:”。 Shelley Capito Moore, a West Virginia Republican

Sen. Joni Ernst,Iowa Republican, she said, she supported the fast-moving house bill.

The developments after the Senate abandoned its own groove in the periphery of the consideration of the House bill–and because the Senator returned to Washington uneasy about the risk that they and their staff faced the live session.

Indeed, the prospect seems slim on Monday, the Senate may speed up its schedule this week, but these discussions are expected in the party weekly Tuesday lunch. The Democratic Party is expected to have a conference call for their weekly Tuesday lunch and not come to the meeting of the people, an unusual move reflects how fear of the virus is to subvert the Senate.

Some Republicans tried to push for more changes to the bill.

“I don’t think the House bill is going to pass the Senate, as it is to write a basic problem: it does not go far enough, not fast enough,”the GOP. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, the location of the plate in the Senate, with reference to the bill of the system for small businesses to get tax credits to pay to leave their displaced employees.

In addition to the Cov of the legislation, the Senate has also been considering measures to update the key authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which expired Sunday.

The Senate is ready to take steps, through the House’s bipartisan FISA re-authorization bill, which passed last week, but opposition from critics like GOP. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah threatened to eat a few days of the Senate calendar of meetings to overcome obstacles and to approve the measures.

On the contrary, Cornell cut handle Lee last Monday, paving the way for the Senate to focus the Cov of the legislation.

The agreement includes a two and a half months to extend the three expiring FISA authorities, it passed the Senate via unanimous consent agreement to consider the amendment from Li and Paul related to the representation of the target of the FISA surveillance warrant and to limit the search can be carried out under the law for our citizens and the Internet.

The short-term extension now has to be cleared house by unanimous consent just like the Cov changes, which means that any single House member can object and stop it.

But in the Senate, the FISA agreement to clear the stage for the chamber meeting of the Cov of the legislation, if you can find along the direction of the differences over the bill.

This story has been updated with other developments.

CNN’s Kristin Wilson and Jeremy the grass this report.

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