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Hello and welcome to Insider Investing. I’m Joe Ciolli, and I’m here to guide you through what’s been happening in markets. Here’s what’s on the docket:

  • Experts have been busy finding strategies designed to capitalize on President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. An analyst for the top-performing US infrastructure ETF this year shares 5 stock picks, while UBS unveils 8 high-return commodity trades.
  • Now that the infamous hedge-fund explosion of Archegos is in the rear view, we’ve nailed down a “Warren Buffett trade” investors can use to take advantage, as well as strategies designed to profit from mispricings.
  • Ryan Jacob’s internet-focused mutual fund is up 201% over the past year. He shared with us 5 stocks he thinks will crush Wall Street estimates going forward.

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Biden infrastructure

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

President Joe Biden recently announced a $2 trillion plan to rebuild American infrastructure. We spoke to Global X infrastructure analyst Andrew Little about 5 stocks he thinks stand to benefit.

UBS is also looking for opportunities specifically in the commodity space. The firm recently revealed 8 such trades it says can each lead to 10%-plus returns as raw-material prices surge.

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An analyst for the top-performing infrastructure ETF in the US this year shares 5 stocks set to benefit for years from Biden and Congress’ expected multitrillion-dollar package

UBS says these 8 commodity trades could make you a return of at least 10% as the reopening and Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan send prices surging

Bill Hwang

Fuller Studio

For investors that were spared serious fallout from the implosion of Archegos, the whole ordeal is a good opportunity to reevaluate certain approaches, and perhaps even capitalize on the chaos.

From a “Warren Buffett trade” investors can use to take advantage, to strategies designed to profit from mispricings, we’ve been busy compiling recommendations.

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An options expert breaks down how the secretive derivatives instruments at the center of the Archegos implosion work — and shares a ‘Warren Buffett trade’ that investors can execute to take advantage of stocks impacted by the $30 billion selling spree

2 experts in the risky product that triggered Archegos’ $20 billion margin call break down the market implications of the blowup — and share how traders can take advantage of the heightened volatility

An investor who used to work for Baupost’s Seth Klarman explains why he thinks the Archegos implosion is the ‘Frankenstein version of GameStop’ — and shares how to replicate hedge fund performance without taking on huge risks

Ryan Jacob

Jacob Internet Fund

Ryan Jacob’s mutual fund — the Jacob Internet Fund (JAMFX) — is up 201% over the last year. He shared with us 5 stocks he thinks will crush Wall Street estimates going forward. And while he tends to stay away from large-cap firms, he shared which two FAANMG stocks he likes most.

Read the full story here:

Ryan Jacob’s internet fund tripled in value over the last year and beat 99% of its peers over the past 3. He shared 5 stocks he’s betting on for their ‘very significant’ upside — and the 2 FAANMG firms he thinks will grow 20-30% per year.

Stock pick central

Seeking experts who are willing to name names? Look no further:

  • Goldman Sachs handpicks 40 stocks that will enjoy bigger earnings growth than Wall Street expects in 2021
  • RBC says to buy these 30 high-conviction stocks that represent its analysts’ top global ideas for 2021 amid an economic reopening and rising inflation expectations
  • Jefferies unveils 15 stocks to buy as China’s electric-vehicle sector is about to accelerate on favorable regulatory policies, consumer adoption, and tech partnerships
  • MORGAN STANLEY: Buy these 25 highly reliable stocks set to perform well in any market environment as rising prices threaten to crush profit margins
  • Buy these 30 stocks that are best-placed to benefit from the pandemic’s ‘seismic shifts’ and continue surging in its aftermath, BTIG says
  • BANK OF AMERICA: Buy these 14 semiconductor stocks poised to benefit from Biden’s multitrillion-dollar infrastructure plan — including 1 set to surge 39%
  • Goldman Sachs says buy these 33 stocks now as profits rebound for companies that suffered the most during the pandemic
  • BARCLAYS: Buy these 30 ‘cheapened’ stocks with high incomes that can beat macro headwinds or rising rates
  • Buy these 3 tech stocks and 2 ETFs that will continue boosting dividend payments to shareholders as the economy recovers, CFRA says

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