Incredibly from space astronaut as a celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah

The astronaut may be far away from home, but they still celebrate the festival.

Residents of the International Space Station released an incredible photo and video for the holidays, celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas on top of the world.

Astronaut Jessica Meir posted a stunning picture from the station’s Cupola, a small, full, European Space Agency-built Observatory module of the station. It allows for the observation of activities, such as spacewalks and the Shuttle method, but also provides the perfect place to celebrate Hanukkah.

In another article, Meir and her fellow ISS astronauts and residents of the Christina Koch,Andrew Morgan and Luca Parmitano, all gathered in a highly decorated room for their false message.

“My favorite thing about the holidays is that it is a time when the world slows down and we all get a chance to think about reconciliation and reflect on what is really important, it’s the people we love and spending time together,”says Koch.

Parmitano take this opportunity to thank those who in obedience to their families at this time of year, the Meir noted that she celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas(the lucky ones). Morgan said he wanted to bring some of his own family tradition of the International Space Station—like turning all the lights in the house on Christmas Eve, just in to enjoy a bit of candlelight.

“Now, we can’t have candles and candelight in the International Space Station, but we can turn the lights low, and we can watch Christmas movies, so we have to do something like that,”said Morgan.

Then, they break out some special Christmas Goodies, including hot cider and cocoa, smoked salmon and some socks”floating by the chimney with care.” In addition, there is also a season of joy you can’t ever escape—not even in the International Space Station.

“We had to come all the way to space to get away from the fruit cake, but it didn’t work,”says Koch.

This is a huge year for the International Space Station. For one thing, Koch and Meir made history after conducting the first-ever all-female spacewalk. Happy Holidays, team.

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