Increase sales with’the dessert pitch’

You can be alone will help to increase sales.

5 2020

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A while back,”the Tall One,”aka my husband, some good friends and I went to a”it-has been to too long”double date.

As always, the best part is our conversation-this is to prove that hysterical, because I collected at least 20 Southern staring at me loud and proud New Jersey-from the roar of laughter.

A good night.

But the finale is the sales staff of the dessert. Because he shared the sugary treats, he seems uninterested and sleepy. I think he might be lying next to us, and call it a night. However, all of a sudden, he came to life. (This is a miracle!) As his last option, he sounds like a kid on Christmas morning the first peek at the wrapped presents under the tree. His excitement is infectious and convincing.

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Before you can say”sucker”of choice is, of course, the last combination dessert of choice, Bananas Foster rum bread pudding combination. As he walked, and this table full of sales people realize that we already have. His energy close to work. He walked us right to the sale.

The good news is, you can do the same thing.

Change your speed, tone, and excitement just as the last of a good meal. It works any time you are trying to sell. From one-on-one prospect meeting, speech on the stage of the main call to action, to the vicinity of a webinar.

Your energy needs to maintain a high throughout and especially in the vicinity if you want to be effective. If you are not excited about the solution, How can you expect your prospects to be excited?

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There are several ways you can keep your energy through a webinar:

  1. Play songs pump you up before you start to get that heartbeat and energy. I like the full dance before I start. You can do jumps, headbangs, or get to shake your booty. You do you-just more of the animation.
  2. Station to your webinar. Use the dock or the laptop disk to get monitored because you want it on your head.
  3. Smile in the entire webinar. It sounds crazy pants, but it provides Off Your Enthusiasm for what you share on the screen.

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Watch content, and as I can in the description. See how it is changed in the vicinity and my last words on the screen. Take notes, and be prepared to give the passion closer.

Then walk your prospects.

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